Brooklyn borough president on NYC’s latest school closures

Eric Adams discusses New York City ending in-person learning in its schools and the latest state restrictions enacted by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.
5:06 | 11/19/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Brooklyn borough president on NYC’s latest school closures
And Brooklyn Borough president Eric Adams joins me now from more on this a thanks so much for being here why does start. By getting your take on this closing of schools do you think it's a right move to send students back to online learning. And I know I do not believe. When you look at the numbers. Are we will hinges knees I. Aisles in chairs. Students and achieved were impacted. I think it's we have gotten in bright anywhere we had a bright schools and I think it's a safe place students. And we need to continue their learning and I believe we need to keep schools open at this time. A many critics are pointing to other countries which have prioritize restrictions on James bars and restaurants while keeping schools. Oh and what's your take on trying to balance those things in New York City and in the US in general. So important and and you write us is the wrong message when we do not prioritize education about children because as we fight uncle in nineteen in the currency we cannot destroy. Them hang terms straight while the educational system and we did a terrible job we rail over the last school year we did not really builds into right and show his what is some months now we've been Harrison level insurgency. As they look at its current school year so you say you give people and cause another Lou we all those who. That's also where all parties are discharge. And some sheriffs are calling governor home was restrictions limiting private gatherings to ten people unconstitutional. Is a former police officer what do you make of that is it's enforceable. And I think that's what do you legal minds are going to have to figure out of course is not enforce boom should extend that we believe you can hand down the mandate of stated only ten people at a Thanksgiving dinner you don't have the mentality carried out out. This spirit of what Governor Cuomo was attempting to put out is that that's sort of self regulate how ourselves I leaned back in those large family gap embarked that X number. It is every day you knew your music and really American's. Load in and idea although less you know just really decreased in number I am not going to have been large gathering at my home. I believe that this is a good charted course is state. Let's do this to resume say hello to each other listing would just immediate console and he's only been how. And what I'm restrictions do you think should be placed on private gatherings would you keep things the way they are. I would just do the advisory regarding whom when it comes down to what takes place on in the home of America's I don't believe you could do much better off. Homes are castles and that's something they're terrorists. Which at the right to dictate what takes place sort of us who we can Jewish just give some real strong guidelines. And hold that everyone. Tricks aren't their personal responsibility. Of trying just ended tied at this virus we don't want to cycle. Thanksgiving. Day and give did not banks or give in just pointed out there we did not take to necessary of course you should not have been large gatherings. Betcha didn't address something we can only advise America is in New York not to do. We're not going to have the base given police indoors and demand. Low points are certainly members leave the house. And yesterday you announced her candidacy to succeed in building Lazio as mayor of New York City what would you do differently. To tackle the pandemic. Well I think right now and what we would do just right now as some president. I would just community care better think we made a mistake nationally. As well listen how will cities. Every new York and every American. Is not an English speaker and it's unfortunate. Because some it is communicated in our English speak in tabloids. We believe their goals lawyer and her English as a second language goals who received information and a two way understood what Wednesday. We have a large Chinese collision ring Yiddish speaking population. Do and we were not on the ground. I've been real credible messengers. Of communicated their executive session in Eagles he east goes local areas. In response teams. To really respond on the ground and not bigger we'd really did not communicated to many languages emit X people used to our retrain and understand intermission. And I Brooklyn Borough president Eric Adams we appreciate your time today's or thank you. You perverts creature and Tim.

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{"duration":"5:06","description":"Eric Adams discusses New York City ending in-person learning in its schools and the latest state restrictions enacted by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74298948","title":"Brooklyn borough president on NYC’s latest school closures","url":"/US/video/brooklyn-borough-president-nycs-latest-school-closures-74298948"}