Brooklyn Center police chief says shooting of Daunte Wright was accidental

Former NYPD detective Marq Claxton discusses the unrest in Minnesota and the best way for police to deal with protesters.
6:46 | 04/13/21

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Transcript for Brooklyn Center police chief says shooting of Daunte Wright was accidental
I want to bring in former NYPD detective mark Claxton of the black law enforcement alliance for more. On this case and the general topic of race and policing that this once again ignites mark the police chief Tim Gannon. Released a spotty Cambodia yesterday saying the shooting appeared to be accidental. And that the officer likely meant to drop her taser instead of her gun we heard the right family there are at least Dante's dad say that he doesn't. Except that you've been in line of duty what was your reaction when you saw the video. Armed wool mart my initial reaction. Users season we're stuck in this tragic time Lou it's sort of like being. Character. Omar is Karen in Groundhog Day where you eat these this episode these incidents are diamonds army can't. This is the first time than equally slow and discharged. The firearm and nearly. Injures someone. Oscar grant. Thousand non. Hughes. But I an accident being confused between the case or are wrong. So we had a history of this. And we could have these discussions. Brown. You know principles such as or nationality or so towards. Critical decision making process but it's who we. Acknowledge and at and addressed that. Elephant in the room and the guy who aren't rules regulations. And even. Morton lawyer Arnold master at least call is propped up by both implicit. And explicit bias. Intolerance and racism. And too often leads to be totally old boy who situations. There. Turned fatal. More. Movies back your game. Now you're talking about history repeating itself all or seeing that in. And the protests and demonstrations are happening as well as usual we're seeing peaceful protestor in today but that's changing at night there's already curfew in place. And the police chief is saying that some officers were injured last night made it. File some forty people were arrested so what's the best way for police to deal with this and try to bring the temperature down. Well first understated sooner or unsupported. Peaceful demonstrations and protests but I'm not. Confused about why the level loop anxiety and anger I. And sit conceived these types of incidents and who begins to react in ways that are uncomfortable. And dangerous not only themselves. Through professional weasels out there. Chart your history. Police. Have to do some point. Before since in the morning when they realize that there. Were any. And so do you enforce consequences and give lease operating outside. Their responsibility so why are we didn't Carlo mullah. Soon do you really enforce some distant Clinton gang. These incidents will continue to occur. They will continue to occur in the black and brown communities primarily because that's what history over. So and so we get to them why would you even hours. And policing and had become overly aggressive goal militarized. And race based. Move back at this point due to perhaps in the military and symbol is luring. Now Merrill and past police reform measures this week that would repeal job protections in the police disciplinary process. And increase the civil liability limit on lawsuits against police what affect do you think. That could have could we see other states follow suit there and what are some other reforms that you'd like to see. I think the Marilyn reforms are significant and the reason it is speakers police operate. Would tune up realities. Is out and characteristic. So full policing as he went change Arab humans enterprise or evil acts. Then I think our removal of some of the artificial protections that was solo to protect police from full accountability is O. In reform. I think what's been done in New York is significant when you eliminate all of our community ends and another jurisdiction is well. I think what is occurring at other jurisdictions are. A limited. Input. Police unions. In some areas other than health benefits salary because around us this nation there are these organizations unions. Significant input ensues regulations are burying it seems to have members. They have represented bets wrong solution we increased police expose and accountability. You'll see significant. Behavior modification. And mark specific to this case you know as you said this isn't the first time that we're hearing. About the possibility of an officer confusing their guns for a taser so could we see more changes. So did taser may be a different kind of trigger mechanism so it's not. Possible to confuse it for a gun do you think we conceive in some concrete changes like that. I think it's a mistake to address this issue and these type of incidents as and they are training issues. They are training missions. And to establish them. I clearly. That one Carmen. Old these. Actions we. Hayes is so far mr. Dayton's a black. So let's billions and licensing to look. And then keep in mine in in Minnesota. Afternoon that it killing those little and I look at steel. There was significant new monies. In Zulu based on training. Hello police improve their response immigrants are trying to. Well it. Some years later it was reasons and challenged whose soul into this is not merely a training issue. All professionals need. Additional training continue in new Asian Americans who. This is larger deeper. Into college you know easy she knows is outside the realm training. I mark Claxton and it's always great to have your not says thank you. Thank you.

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{"duration":"6:46","description":"Former NYPD detective Marq Claxton discusses the unrest in Minnesota and the best way for police to deal with protesters. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77046319","title":"Brooklyn Center police chief says shooting of Daunte Wright was accidental ","url":"/US/video/brooklyn-center-police-chief-shooting-daunte-wright-accidental-77046319"}