Brothers of George Floyd expected to testify Monday

Plus, concern that the shooting of Duante Wright and the ensuing protests could influence the jurors in the trial of Derek Chauvin.
3:55 | 04/12/21

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Transcript for Brothers of George Floyd expected to testify Monday
Let's bring in Holliston legal analysts on the lawn crime network Terry Austin for more on this Terri thanks for being here is there concern. That day shooting of Donte' right in the protests surrounding it could influence jurors in the showman trial. Well you know Diane they're not supposed to be watching television but this is going to be difficult to a boy yet another shooting in Minnesota. An. We think unarmed black man we don't know at this point but it was for a traffic violations so I think it will affect their minds at sixteen these reports. The judge may even say something about if in fact it comes up. Like yes I definitely think that having a situation like this so close. Tim the Derrick children trial might actually affect the jury is it might affect what they are thinking and how they're considering each. This evidence at this moment in time and as we just heard announced is report we're hearing that the Brothers. George Floyd might testified today how important do you think their testimony could be to the prosecution's case. Well you know I think it's going to. Mate joins Floyd looked more like a person it will humanize him so why the prosecution has. Tried to put on witnesses who saw what happened obviously they are talking about the use of force they put on all of the police and then they put on all of the medical evidence to try to show. What caused the death of George Floyd I think now as they end optic case they're trying to humanize Joyce blade so putting the brother on I think we'll make viewers remember what George Floyd was like when he lifts his family his children and it will certainly evo or at least that's part of the intention I presume that the prosecution is trying to any boat. Some sympathy so that the jurors see this individual. Not just as someone who was shot but Orton killed rather I think they'll see him as someone who is human and who. Was a victim and who absolutely. You know died at the hands of a police officer. And what most of the prosecution need to do as a wraps up its case. I ain't done an excellent job that's far I think that the prosecution and done. A Barry good job of on redirect what -- points were made by Eric Nelson on cross I think they typed that out very well so. I think ending at Whitney family members like his brother will be all they need to do at this point it judges already said. He didn't want seem lifted. Information selective evidence he said that when we were looking at the police officers so I don't think we're going to had anymore that type of evidence or even anymore that medical evidence I think they've established very well. That George Floyd died at least because of the you know me on the neck and the weight on the back kicks Saturday even doctor. Eight Arab who at first we thought was going to talk about the fact that there was no X sixty and talk about the fact that the hearts. And the drugs were part of the cries of the death of George fled Clinton. Doctor Bakker actually really supported the prosecution's theory that had it not than four. Then me and the pressure on George Floyd he would not have died clearly. I think doctor baker thought that all of these other factors contributed. But that cause of the death was the fact that there was this pressure on George Floyd so I think. The prosecution has done as much as they can as far as use of force as far as. Causation and now they're just going to finalize all of Amy all of what they need here with the immunization part of the trial. I would know that spark of life testimony that's unique to Minnesota where expecting to hear more about Terry Austin. Thank you as always for your now says sending you know my hanging around organist you bit later for our continuing coverage of the trial at their children thanks Terry.

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{"duration":"3:55","description":"Plus, concern that the shooting of Duante Wright and the ensuing protests could influence the jurors in the trial of Derek Chauvin.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77022779","title":"Brothers of George Floyd expected to testify Monday","url":"/US/video/brothers-george-floyd-expected-testify-monday-77022779"}