'Cajun Navy' helping Hurricane Harvey victims

The "Cajun Navy," which got its start after Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana, has stepped up to the plate once again, this time swooping in to help those in need in the neighboring state of Texas after Hurricane Harvey hit.
3:12 | 08/28/17

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Transcript for 'Cajun Navy' helping Hurricane Harvey victims
But you're talk in the Joseph Martinez here just a minute ago. And he is part of the cajun navy and you learn something new every day right I didn't know that that was really a thing I thought that was a hash tag. An instant grammar Twitter. But he was he was explaining it to us and and and I know you you may not be that the head guy a thirty bank that the tell me how works. Well. It's very organized they have we a meteorologist. We have dispatched. And everybody's volunteers are open they dispatched. Calls come in people sonnet on FaceBook wherever they posted they just get information out to. An app that we're using some communication between our home base in here. And there's thousands of volunteers. Coming this way to help out there's really no. Bad guy do what so it's just people call Sierra ought to get on that he had it on the at. Given that we we have like tracking device tracking app that tracks locations and eight whoever's closest to a location needs so they send the seed. That's pretty pretty incredible and joking with his friends here and they brought this does vote over here and how many people do you think you've you brought to dry land tonight. It was we've had a few groups I don't know when we'll tell them. I'm not counting. And they eat they came from Lafayette and there is a whole caravan right. Yeah doesn't seem caravans and you know like us that everybody just left whenever they could and and doubt on the road and yet here scenes they can and and we we we. On that out we got that it appeals he. Dispatch doesn't have as needed a school game you wouldn't be ten boats launched and everybody went. Services again. And it's it's it's pretty interesting to you come to places you've never banner you don't know and that they just they gave me an address and what you probably just put it in your phone and a head over. There and it is he'll launch his boat his son and this and you thought of from a local of the common knows what truly gone. It's it's it's not as organized as you would hope it would be what you do you can you did to make it happen. And so when you have brought people Lynn and they see you know they when you chilled at their house and they've got. Many feet of water in their homes or what's their reaction. Art art art I personally can't answer that Geoff will be the vessel for that he. Even as income every year you don't have people meaningless B having deceived re and then let's let's say lake when you pull up and they've called for a health and they're been laid dean and they're getting wet and they're tired in Iran. Does this it's a mix of emotions. Saw that should there have good to see you but you know that this is a note. EDO de. Is a mix of emotions. And it's emotional for you yes absolutely absolutely knows you hate to see no people lose everything they have and you know all we can do is shut up and get the dry lands a so we have. Org and we appreciate all of your help sink you so much for coming. They arrived about 730 tonight and they're gonna sit in their trucks and they're gonna be back out our unit back on the morning of its need it. Note yes it will be neither are not needed will be out in the morning so. Rated good again.

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{"duration":"3:12","description":"The \"Cajun Navy,\" which got its start after Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana, has stepped up to the plate once again, this time swooping in to help those in need in the neighboring state of Texas after Hurricane Harvey hit.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"49470695","title":"'Cajun Navy' helping Hurricane Harvey victims","url":"/US/video/cajun-navy-helping-hurricane-harvey-victims-49470695"}