Record Heat, Wind Fuel California Wildfires

11,627 calls go out to evacuate as fires spread in southern California.
4:56 | 05/14/14

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Transcript for Record Heat, Wind Fuel California Wildfires
This is a special room. Near record heat low humidity and ferocious winds are fueling wildfires in Southern California today. You're looking at live scenes in Carlsbad California. Some twenty filed five miles north of San Diego. And now with nearly twenty million people affected firefighters are bracing -- fresh outbreak. Hello I'm Michelle Franzen in New York with all the latest from Los Angeles we're joined now by ABC's Devin Dwyer -- web -- Hey Michelle good afternoon those pictures of the Carlsbad fire -- certainly pretty amazing here in the Hollywood Hills over Los Angeles. We are on high alert for a fire nothing -- popped up yet but already in Southern California for active fires right now -- these wins. Are going to not a control. Today wildfires ignited across Southern California from Long Beach to Camp Pendleton to Carlsbad. Multiple blazes popping up in boring toward homes we are. Prepared for the worst. And hoping for the best residents are on high alert after a fast moving fire yesterday -- -- hundreds of acres and forced thousands to evacuate. No homes were burned thanks to a small army of firefighters. While the greatest danger has passed it occurred yesterday. There is still in fact danger today because all of the fire has not been contain and control. The biggest fear is a smoldering ember carried by high winds across the fire lines to the north -- gusty Santa -- -- Fannie and another blaze near Santa Barbara. That's burned more than 600 acres and threatens more than a thousand homes -- can -- so quickly. And we had probably fifty an hour winds and other vegetation is override. Red flag warnings today affects more than seventeen million people the triple digit temperatures gusty winds and extreme low humidity. Making the fire danger extreme. Helicopters air tankers in fleets of fire engines are all at the ready. We -- gonna monitor the next 24 hours with the weather conditions. And if we have any flare ups or any spot fires will aggressively attacked those from the air and -- ground. Now the hot dry and windy conditions here in Southern California are certainly typical of September -- October. But not Mae officials say this is an ominous sign Michelle. Of the very dangerous fire season that's ahead this summer and there are many months ahead here -- certainly firing up for sure we've seen all those evacuation calls -- go out. As we enter into this night what are the concerns for tonight any other areas being threatened. Well officials across the south west should not only here in California -- Arizona New Mexico tech -- to Texas all watching very closely the biggest concern right now is the low humidity. The high winds as we've said and of course these temperatures. Bad air make the conditions ripe for a fire that sparked by anything really -- car accident a lightning strike whatever may be of how downed power line. -- to set these things -- -- at this point they're saying they're optimistic that day if they can keep these things under control by tonight. Conditions will become more favorable overnight and into tomorrow and into the weekend -- -- to cool down here this weekend. So again they're just hoping to get through today and tomorrow really keep. Close control on these things but San Diego right now is looking pretty out of control. We have a lot of crews there on the ground and certainly that cooler weather will help but the winds are certainly a factor did anyone see this coming as have been especially dry leading up to this. Summer this heat wave. Yet California here has been in a really a record exceptional drought to -- This year in the mountains nearby just 18% of the snowpack. That is normally at this time of year says you can imagine really. Low amounts of water low amounts of moisture we took a small hike here through the hills is to take a look at the brush I got to chatting. It looks like a fireplace with. All loaded with -- ready to go all you need is a match to drop -- in there at any turn here on this trail. That's how dry it is -- of course not just these hills and all the way down the California coastline is what were seen in all it takes is one spark. Hollis is gonna -- -- is very dry here. And of course by looking me looking at these images they've got a very challenging. Night ahead Devin Dwyer thank you very much. This has been an ABC news digital coverage of wildfires now sweeping through Southern California. He can keep up with the story in real time download the ABC news -- and star -- this story for exclusive updates on the go. For -- I'm -- France and in New York.

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{"duration":"4:56","description":"11,627 calls go out to evacuate as fires spread in southern California.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"23723287","title":"Record Heat, Wind Fuel California Wildfires","url":"/US/video/california-wildfires-record-heat-wind-fuel-infernos-calls-23723287"}