How to calm your kid’s fears and anxieties about school during the pandemic

Child and adolescent development specialist Dr. Robyn Silverman and CEO founder of The Khan Academy, Salman Khan, discuss how to let kids know that it’s going to be alright.
5:13 | 03/19/20

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Transcript for How to calm your kid’s fears and anxieties about school during the pandemic
There are so many things we adults worry about when it comes to corona virus fears and home schooling but our children are also taking this crisis from me very different perspective so. How do we calm their fears and anxiety about school joining us now with some guidance child and adolescent development specialist doctor Robin Silberman. And south con CEO founder of the con academy thank you both for being here and Robin. I'm gonna start with you I've got. Three teenagers in the house and I know so many people have seniors. In their homes as well they have these expectations about the end of their senior year with the work they had to get done. To get ready for college how do you talked your kids about these. Absolutely changing situations and and how they handle these things emotionally along with their schoolwork. To. It's a really hard time for everybody and I think you hit the nail on the head it's really tough of these seniors who are looking at these major milestones coming up. And watching them who. Sort of wash away where is that you know whereas the hearty and let's going to happy and we did this special dance that is special. Celebrations. It's simple start it and that they it's really easy for Austin Ers just say oh it's an OK let's think about other people were not sick. But it's important to start with and bit me and and really hear what they have to say this is frustrating I get it. And then sure your ants bringing their particular questions what is it specifically that they are worried about. Are they worried about not being able to take a specific tasks I hate worried about their greens. Are they worried about feeling disconnected with friends. Once you find out what they're really worried about then you can start working on solutions. And that's really important because if we're in just jumping in and say. Hey let me solve your problems Loria and you're actually. Not solving their particular issue us. Then you're missing the mark camp than mom aunt how bad this isn't really interesting time. Oh win it you have that extra time on your own and it's not filled with all the things that you hadn't. Preordained for yourself all lists port practices. Then you can fill it with other things that can be really interesting Rea sell I want to ask you this because. We actually gotten a pretty decent amount of guidance. From our children's schools but a lot of parents you're pulling double duty geared they're working from home and then they're also trying to manage their kids' school work what what are your best suggestions. For how to manage all of this at the same time from home. So the first thing is that parents shouldn't stress too much about it. The resists a bit early stages of this that wants everyone gets running. If students are able to just focus on the basics to get some reading every day gets some map as little as two hours today has until competent and since then feel confident that that that are at least those muscles are atrophy. And as you mention a majority of school districts have to shut down so fast they haven't been able to give communications that how to navigate all this. And all of us that Connick got and we were not for profit mission through a class education for anyone anywhere and we didn't ever received the situation. Happening but a lot of what we've been building over the last decade is well suited to use in these circumstances. I'm at a point now with my kids in high school that if they asked me to help them with something I ate very likely might not know how to do that and I think a lot of parents might be struggling with that as well. What do you say you know what it what what are some things they can do. Well there's this couple players that that can happen one that's what resources like what what we do exist or not only the video is its practice exercise the students could give feedback to get much practice they need. Another tip that we've been giving school districts parents teachers are. And students can self organize around as if they're older as well as. If they look at this book calendars and schedules you've given them and the district subject areas they can self organized zoom global hang out facetime conversations with their friends with their teachers or even parent volunteers who might be more expert at that topic. And then there's also the option of I think it's great signaling to carry it to our students to learn alongside your students you underbrush and I think beat you're so embarrassed. So there's a lot I can still learn I'm sure that's true doctor Robin one last question for you. How do you prepare. Your kids for what comes next than we actually don't really know what comes next. I think you need to be honest with your children and understand that and whose idea often comes from the unknown. And that everybody in the same boat the all don't know what's coming. And do you hear your children out if there are feeling anxious let them talk. When many stifle what they're saying that's when they become more anxious so get as much of a routine as you possibly can get as much of the schedule as he possibly can. And giving them the information as it comes it's comforting to hear information and your teens bull really appreciate everything that your sayings about. For once maybe all right. Doctor Robin tell time thank you both for joining us today. Thank you.

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{"duration":"5:13","description":"Child and adolescent development specialist Dr. Robyn Silverman and CEO founder of The Khan Academy, Salman Khan, discuss how to let kids know that it’s going to be alright.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69688334","title":"How to calm your kid’s fears and anxieties about school during the pandemic","url":"/US/video/calm-kids-fears-anxieties-school-pandemic-69688334"}