Capitol Hill lawmakers examine vaping epidemic

The principal deputy director of the Centers of Disease Control and parent advocates talk the dangers of e-cigarettes at a hearing.
3:21 | 09/24/19

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Transcript for Capitol Hill lawmakers examine vaping epidemic
We moved to capitol he'll hill where there was a hearing this morning on that was literally called. Don't they examining the outbreak of lung disease in the CDC's urgent warning not to use. Major crisis in as of September 11. The CDC is identified 380. Cases of lung illness associated with a cigarette. In at least six people. Have died so I want to bring in and clarity in our DC bureau to discuss this. And what was happening on the hill today specifically who was after hearing. So we have the deputy director of CDC testifying before the house oversight committee notes is the same committee that looked into Russian interference in the election. They're looking into the whistle blower complaint now they say they want to get to the bottom of the V teen crisis. And and should get doctor should get is the deputy director CDC has been setting up twenty for seven operation. To try to look at these taping devices and see what they have in common that's making so many people L. Again there was up parents' group that was also testifying where they're there's are some personal stories about what's been happening. There was it just got under way I was late getting started but we were gonna hear from it was really Johnson his eighteen year old daughter. Had to be rushed to the hospital with symptoms that they said developed over several days after she had used and and her mom is going to be test of time before the hell along with the Illinois state health officials. And I'm just curious have we learned anything else of ballots on the dangers because we talked about it so much and how they market to kids these. Has anything else come out during this hearing. You know the thing we learned this morning is that that the number of cases is actually up significantly. And as of last Thursday and I think you and quoted there is about trainer Canadians it's surged up to about 530. Ends one of the things that the CDC said as we still haven't narrowed it down to any single substance. Any single brand we have seen cases were people are getting sick off of nicotine only he. TH seed they're not actually tearing it down to that. She said she told the lawmakers it's a very complex and vast investigation and that she will share information as soon as she gets set. But they don't know what's causing all these people to get sick. And before we go I just when asked have we heard anything from some of the major companies that. Produce BZ cigarettes like Jules. Julie is being very careful in what they say you know it's such an interesting story because but Jill with a company that it didn't necessarily want to be regulated in the beginning. But then that created a proliferation of counterfeit. But again the CDC says that they don't know exactly what is the culprit. But they say that they have a legitimate product on the market and they control their manufacturing. Process he is so. We'll see more wait to hear from the CDC if they come up with anything. Yes and we will definitely. And keep everyone updated on the developments there because it's very serious situation and clarity in our DC bureau thanks for joining us.

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{"duration":"3:21","description":"The principal deputy director of the Centers of Disease Control and parent advocates talk the dangers of e-cigarettes at a hearing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65828750","title":"Capitol Hill lawmakers examine vaping epidemic","url":"/US/video/capitol-hill-lawmakers-examine-vaping-epidemic-65828750"}