Cash Stolen From Rescuer at Site of Accident

Good Samaritan was robbed while tending to car crash victims in Washington state.
3:00 | 11/12/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cash Stolen From Rescuer at Site of Accident
I left it open and I and -- just ran around and I grabbed the best and I -- it to the guy that was down there. Leaving her own car doors open in that adrenaline fueled moment she raced toward the victims trapped in their partially submerged vehicle he had blood just cutting downside of -- -- he cracked his head pretty hard Peggy -- crawled in through a broken window and kept the men and his passenger stabilized until firefighters got there to take over. And when she -- Turning to work harder and look without like this I just looked down and I thought to myself. There is no way. There's no way that now somebody had stolen 900 dollars from her purse on the front seat fact that -- -- stole my money that. We needed for rent San. This is devastating the cash in that envelope. A small fortune on the bell reached his salary with six teenage kids to support instant crying and an instant tears -- -- enhanced 900 dollars that's. Gallon almost two weeks worth to work. Customers at the coffee shop are out. Reached to get to -- seeing you know and help help these people and that. Somebody has the audacity to do -- running straight toward a car accident with no hesitation. -- that kind of defines Peggy. She's saving money for nursing school. The indignity she suffered on the freeway yesterday it hurts but it won't change your heart. Along and -- there's market -- -- any help better than people in Everett Mark Miller coma for news.

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{"id":17700772,"title":"Cash Stolen From Rescuer at Site of Accident","duration":"3:00","description":"Good Samaritan was robbed while tending to car crash victims in Washington state.","url":"/US/video/cash-stolen-rescuer-site-accident-17700772","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}