Casket Leaves Church After Funeral for NYPD Officer

Officer Rafael Ramos was called a "hero" at his funeral in Queens.
2:47 | 12/27/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Casket Leaves Church After Funeral for NYPD Officer
I'm Morris ghetto come alive at the Christ tabernacle church in Queens where officer Ramos says service just recently concluded I am intentionally speaking at a low volume out of respect. For all those here who are silently waiting for the casket to be brought out and went a step aside now to that we can get a better shot of exactly what's taking place you can see. DC of officers and not in an exaggeration to call this a sea of blue thousands of officers from all over the country have gathered here to honor one of their fallen Brothers and they are waiting now silently for that casket to come out of the church. To make its way down this street for the funeral procession to begin. We had to we were able to use who listen in and to watch and on the service a number of dignitaries spoke. Vice President Biden and Governor Cuomo. Miert and Lazio. Commissioner Bratton and now we are. Beginning to. Here music that I think would indicate that the casket is going to come out we also just a few moments ago witnessed a fly over twelve by my count. Helicopters flying over information. To pay their respects to this officer who was killed one week ago today roughly a mile from at this location. Let's just listen and for a moment he's very solemn occasion. And we can see the casket is drapes with that and NYPD. Floral arrangements. I'm at we're having a hard time from our vantage point in making out. Specifically if they have come Maggie if the family has come out of course in the front row of that service officer promises family his wife and his two sons there. Grieving so terrible loss just two days after Christmas. Adding a funeral here in the midst of this holiday season. Announcements have not yet been made for the funeral of an officer Ramos is partner officer Lou who was also killed and that's senseless act of violence those we are expecting to hear information on that forthcoming what we have heard is that. They are waiting for arrangements travel arrangements to be made from family outside of the country. But again the funeral services for officer Ramos just wrapping up now we're just a waiting for the casket be brought out. And the funeral procession to continue down this way I'm mark scandal come with the grace tabernacle church in Queens.

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{"duration":"2:47","description":"Officer Rafael Ramos was called a \"hero\" at his funeral in Queens.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"27853198","title":"Casket Leaves Church After Funeral for NYPD Officer","url":"/US/video/casket-leaves-church-funeral-nypd-officer-27853198"}