Cat Reappears 6 Months After Superstorm Sandy

Black feline escaped temporary location and trekked eight miles back to its New Jersey home.
1:43 | 05/09/13

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Transcript for Cat Reappears 6 Months After Superstorm Sandy
I have to stop and think -- -- It's really a miracle -- 86 year old your -- Roberts and her daughter Carol evacuated their homes six months ago by boat. They took their eight year old house -- porch with them to relatives in Point Pleasant. -- apparently didn't like it there and disappeared they used to say prayers and I really think. -- Saint Francis please watch over my -- Fast forward to last week caroling -- -- finally get back into their house resigned to life without porch. When all of a sudden they hear a noise out on the back deck and I pulled the vertical blinds and there is -- Going back and forth the way he is. And I -- all night. And he was -- Allen like crazy. It's really funny because when he came in it was like one -- -- black -- like he wanted to tell a story but we don't speak cat and we'll ask him. -- we -- yeah. How did you get here portions journey would give one. Cars Point Pleasant is eight miles north of -- -- -- And to get the air the wandering kitty cat had to travel down the barrier island through some of the areas hardest hit by sandy. It's just. Unbelievable. How -- negotiated. The eight miles. Through all that devastation -- her mom had no idea what Porsche was up to those six months he was at -- a rant. But they agree he looks better now than before -- left. Porsche is painfully shy and these days stays close to home to no one can figure out how we made his way back. But his owners have one word for its America on -- island and Toms River I'm -- you Shattuck channel six action news.

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{"id":19144387,"title":"Cat Reappears 6 Months After Superstorm Sandy","duration":"1:43","description":"Black feline escaped temporary location and trekked eight miles back to its New Jersey home.","url":"/US/video/cat-reappears-6-months-after-superstorm-sandy-19144387","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}