CDC guidelines to reopen schools met with criticism

Critics say the guidelines are too strict or too loose despite COVID-19 numbers dropping among children.
6:53 | 02/25/21

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Transcript for CDC guidelines to reopen schools met with criticism
Earlier this month the CDC released highly anticipated guidelines and opening schools and in the cold in nineteen pandemic but that guidance has been met with some criticism both from people who claim it is too strict. And others who say it's too loose. Now case numbers are dropping but more children are dealing with long term covad symptoms. So what do school administrators need to consider. A strain Children's Hospital of Philadelphia policy lab director doctor David Rubin from more on the stock Durbin thanks for joining us we know you're busy we appreciate your time. Carries know what your take is on the CDC's specific case number and test positive that he raped threshold for reopening schools. Burkina review and syrup to bet I think CDC kind got a right. On this wanna you know I I I think you guys let's go to remember the CDC is speaking on behalf Walz who owns. Around the country from large urban school districts underwear smaller. Schools so you know a lot of the critiques have have recognized that this individual schools. Need to make her own shores choices informed by the evidence and I think but the CDC provides a real two lane markers. How to think about when to return to full in school instruction or when to reopen for those who haven't reopened. And I think it's the principles that matter most in that document that being recognizing. In his case incidents continues to all in the spring of big window of opportunity is now opening two to return more has the classroom and for those who critiqued. That those thresholds are really conservative. I think greasing the kind of declines that many schools are going to see themselves. Push right parents those thresholds are getting a lot more kids back to school. And government and the biggest point of contention that I'd heard. From school administrators is its recommendation of six foot distancing between children many say one is just not doable you can't bring all the kids back if you're gonna try to. Forced them to space out six because there's just not enough space in the schools. But also that other data has shown that 3-D between children is sufficient do you think that 68 is totally necessary particularly for the younger children. Well to drugs going on community transmission grades of their more tunes not at the door. With coding session in your really closely in jeans and do you mean tension in all I think the CDC guidelines. Under age hastens their weekly these incidents and cases per 100000. They recommend old school instruction went sixteen to quote the greatest extent possible. Out to me a jury immediately recognized that that you're gonna have greater rally in terms of preventing infections at sixty. I think they've given enough flexibility for schools to try to land use outdoors race is reuse or go underscoring. Characterize those opportunities to mess my six went distancing but. They recognize that that many schools are gonna have to go underneath that barrier but they're just saying wait how long he should here. Seeing great declining chase and since right now in your window of opportunity is opening in and for every school. They can look at their relatively marker designer who you know what they're during risky is as who community how well they've done in the all. I think deep relative message there is we're getting mayor and and and we recognize that we're gonna have bring extra barrier. And they. Wrap this pandemic you know the the basics of transmission. MR knowledge of transmission has not changed this is primarily a large droplet. Contact it doesn't mean that under certain conditions in the right environment there might be some anecdotal cases of airborne transmission but that is the exception. Rather than the rule if you acknowledged that. You recognize and ventilation he beat you make improvements to revelation but it is not a primary cooling prevention mechanism masking distancing. Or your primary mechanisms. Keeping kids sick kids out of school so I applaud the CDC for recognizing that because in some ways you can develop unity in the you can develop paralysis thinking about a revelation is that she. Primary intervention went in for actually a secondary intervention among the old ones that were best. And then this seems shooting case study in a school in Georgia and found that teachers may claim wore her role in spreading over the and children DO so how much can be held buybacks knitting teachers. As long as as questions still exist so how much vaccines actually prevent the spread of the virus. We're we know that goal argued the adolescence and an adult are are believed those who are most likely to order and spread the passion we seen that throughout this endemic. It's not anything unique to teachers but it recognizes. You know obviously vaccination. Teachers is certainly gonna help but we spend a lot of time advising school districts be mindful how teachers. Understand moved through the school during the day Beecher who rose rape rooms when when those mass undoubtedly have a couple coffee. Oh with a friend and also recognized the value of testing which was also recognized in the CDC guidelines. As a way to provide sort of weekly assurance testing and focusing in on yours to try to help prevent asymptomatic continued individuals men and school. And then doctor and we're learning more about an uptick in multi system inflammatory syndrome among children. Who had a cold then or severe symptoms in children with acute coat it how worried should parents be in when you think children will be able to be vaccinated. You know look we shouldn't be entirely eliminate all risk but does still today we have seen evidence and string the significant Haitians and children are extremely rare. The MI seems we see an increase in mid year late in winter. Similar to last spring and murdered a sixteen weeks after the big piece and in late December. And January but we're seeing on national lines in pediatric positions they just like behind the adult declines but still. The number power moisture remains. Very small compared to to what we've seen. Among adults and regards the nation's I think we do recognize that children and to the older you. Contribute themselves to new transmission and endure at the risk of these rare complications. We're doing vaccine trials and only aged well. At this point I would suspect by the nearly always the data that comes in from those Ronald. We're likely to see or older children and adolescents. Lineup for vaccinations. Ryan talked a room and we appreciate your time today thank you. You're welcome to be did you attempt.

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{"duration":"6:53","description":"Critics say the guidelines are too strict or too loose despite COVID-19 numbers dropping among children. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76112271","title":"CDC guidelines to reopen schools met with criticism","url":"/US/video/cdc-guidelines-reopen-schools-met-criticism-76112271"}