Celebrity chef Jose Andres opens relief kitchen for furloughed workers amid shutdown

Volunteers at World Central Kitchen in Washington, D.C. help workers affected by the government shutdown.
3:57 | 01/16/19

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Transcript for Celebrity chef Jose Andres opens relief kitchen for furloughed workers amid shutdown
I also want to talk about just the broader impact of this shut down because in the middle all of this it can't be lost. 800000. Federal workers are either working without pay or for a load. There are some people who are trying to help though let's bring in our Rachel Scott in Washington DC because celebrity chef Jose Andres. Is helping out at world central kitchen. And there Rachel trying to actually feed some of these government workers who aren't taking home a paycheck tell us what's going on there. Yeah that's rate went well the doors just opened here we are raising dozens and dozens of furloughed workers in their families come near her hot meal I just think how can use offices for this organization brought essential kitchen to be doing this they are used to providing disaster relief. Who were victims of hurricanes and wildfires. But today they are providing hot meals. The families they say are affected by another disaster the disaster within the federal government they say to just look behind you could feline RD building up here. They are serving hot meals. And they think this is really haven't changed in disasters they say like this one they really goes back if people are able to poke here food and get food. And obviously people are Gary affected by this shut down as you mentioned 800000. Federal workers are affected let's go ahead and eat one of those people right now go head sir excuse me. Kinney is here any you are safer about our work or gritty work I work at that and drug administration. And so today you are here because you study how a lot of time on your hands the you're not just for low but your volunteer. Right absolutely it seem like a really nice opportunity get back. And do something with my time anyway and it's going to be meaningful and hopefully help some people who are struggling. How has this impacted you. It's kinda just cause literally being sort of investor crazy I'm anxious to get back to where there was. You know okay during the holidays when you're celebrating a holiday for now that you know we're into January ain't. I love the work that I do and the people I work went and we have a really great mission of the FDA that I want to be apart band. I'm sort of more anxious. About when and merely a back to work. Speaking of anxious we're going to date 26. There appears to not be any end in sight here how are you preparing for. And I think keeping track of my budget estimate Sarah and you know spending too much money or anything like that none just sort of keeping an eye out and in China and just do some thing you know get myself organize names. Donated by just up to could well. You know kind of didn't marry Condo in Texas south. Well I'm out but it's hard to make anymore plans and that we don't know when you'll be going back to to the office. Do you have a message to the presidents and or congressional Democrats and Republicans. I think ultimately aim. I think everyone a lot of people agree on most of the things that's really just a matter and getting everyone together and moving bar in some kind of way that. Will help the American people. I now you weren't the only one or other furloughed workers here that are volunteering their time you know I just aren't so one represented didn't tell me they're actually turning away people they're just simply too many sacks in the kitchen. And did you ever think it would be in this position. No I didn't you know I think it would have lasted this long and it's you know unfortunate and it's great that you know there's organizations willing. To help men and I'm happy to be able to help in some way and sometimes home. Way of getting back. Thank you so much any really appreciate your time and so they aren't prepared to serve 2000 meals here today and though organization the organizers that I spoke with say this is a national issue obviously this is hoping just right here in DC went but they said. If this continues they may have to expand and they may have to reach out to the rest of the country. That's right Rachel Scott Morrison chef Jose Andrei see he's been known for doing this in Puerto Rico disaster zones hurricanes fires. A lot of people coming together trying to help out Rachel thank you we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"3:57","description":"Volunteers at World Central Kitchen in Washington, D.C. help workers affected by the government shutdown.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60422105","title":"Celebrity chef Jose Andres opens relief kitchen for furloughed workers amid shutdown","url":"/US/video/celebrity-chef-jose-andres-opens-relief-kitchen-furloughed-60422105"}