Charges Dropped in Florida Cyberbullying Case

The state attorney's office dismisses charges against two girls accused of bullying Rebecca Sedwick.
2:06 | 11/20/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Charges Dropped in Florida Cyberbullying Case
Today the state of Florida. Has agreed. To dismiss the charges against my client my twelve -- client. In what has become. A very important case. Especially. In the area of awareness for -- And I think I said this the very first day I came on board -- this case and that was that did not believe. There was any evidence whatsoever of criminal behavior. Despite. Other officials saying otherwise. And we're extremely disappointed. With some of the actions. That have -- carried out by the Pope county sheriff mr. Grady Judd. And we are very pleased. That the state attorney's office. Through hard work. And through extreme professionalism. Has decided to do the right thing. I want to thank. Personally. Daphne balls well who was the assistant state attorney assigned to this case we worked extremely closely with in resolving this matter. -- -- to be extremely professional. At every point throughout this case and really took into account that we're dealing with children. And in addition to that's. For having the courage to do the right thing it's not easy when. The spotlight design. And there are outside pressures forcing you to do one thing -- you stand up and do the right thing and and I think that's extremely important. There's a right way and a wrong way. Dealing with certain problems and I think by arresting a child. And accusing hearing going on national television and saying that she's responsible for the death of Iraq's best friend it is unconscionable.

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{"id":20958019,"title":"Charges Dropped in Florida Cyberbullying Case","duration":"2:06","description":"The state attorney's office dismisses charges against two girls accused of bullying Rebecca Sedwick.","url":"/US/video/charges-dropped-florida-cyberbullying-case-20958019","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}