Charges filed in killing of college student

Charges were filed Wednesday against the man accused of kidnapping and killing University of Utah student Mackenzie Lueck, prosecutors said.
4:57 | 07/10/19

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Transcript for Charges filed in killing of college student
This morning as we speak. As a solid county district attorney's office is in the process so for right now following charges against a hula that these odds are he. One count of aggravated murder first degree felony. One count of aggravated kidnapping for secret following. One count of obstructing justice second to refiling. And one count of desecration of a human body the third degree felony. That on June 20. 2019. Great to work reported to Salt Lake City Police Department. That he had not received any communication from his daughter MacKenzie who worked since she returned to salt exit from California. On June 17 2019. Cellphone records for MacKenzie showed. That she exchanged several text messages within it individual later identified as a Lula the size and he. In the early morning hours of June 17 2019. MacKenzie is last test to a jury duty that morning was that 2:58. AM. Salt lake city police detectives began to search for MacKenzie. And discovered that after arriving in Salt Lake City on June 17. She took a lift from Salt Lake City International Airport to hatch parked in north Salt Lake City. Live records indicated that MacKenzie was dropped off that hat sparked at approximately. 2:59. AM. Cellphone records for both McKenzie and Isaiah eight placed them at hat sparked during this time. Additionally MacKenzie cell phone records indicate that her phone was powered off at 21598. Am. And was never a pot were back on. If forensic analysis of the phone records shows that are GTE's phone. Was back at his stress that residence located at five point seven north tenth quest in Salt Lake County. Utah at approximately 307. Am. On June 26 2019. Investigators executed a search warrant on IG's home. Detectives that in discovered what appeared to be a freshly dug site behind east garage. During the forensic excavation. Of the site police located the human bone. Chart muscular tissue. Part of his scalp with hair. A cell phone and other chart personal items. Furthermore. In an Alley way adjacent to archer is home investigators located chart black fabric. Buckles and other items of evidentiary value. DNA testing of the muscular tissue returned a profile. In that what they DNA profile. Obtained from the personal items belonging to McCants. While executing the search warrant detectives were directed to one apologies neighbors who reported that on June 17. 2019. The neighbor detected. It quote horrible smell and quote coming from a fire in Ashis backyard. The neighbors stated that this fire was located behind IG's garage in a pet covered by it white story in the same area detectives browned. At the freshly dug site. The neighbors her neighbor also observed IG pouring gasoline on the fire. Subsequent analysis. Of IG's cell phone records placed RG cellphone near Logan canyon on June 25. 2019. Between 230 and 4:30 PM. On July 32019. Law enforcement responded to Logan canyon to search for McCann instruments. After it learned he searched detectives located in disturbed area of soil under a grove of trees. Under the soil detectives located A chartered human body. DNA testing of the body returned it profile consistent with what can these profile. MacKenzie is arms were found behind her back by a zip tied and broke. If five centimeter hole was located on the left side of first goal with part of burst out left scalp missing. Doctors that's not re Michele check with the Utah office of medical examiner. Performed an autopsy on MacKenzie. Doctor Matt made the Khaled checked determined that McKenzie suffered. Blunt force trauma to the left side of first go resulting in significant. Interrupt cranial hemorrhaging. Which would have been fatal. Doctor michalak short program mayor metallic tricks preliminary determine preliminarily determined the matter of debt to be homicide.

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{"duration":"4:57","description":"Charges were filed Wednesday against the man accused of kidnapping and killing University of Utah student Mackenzie Lueck, prosecutors said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64246194","title":"Charges filed in killing of college student","url":"/US/video/charges-filed-killing-college-student-64246194"}