Charlie Rose accused of sexual misconduct

"The View" co-hosts react to the allegations leveled against the prominent host.
3:00 | 11/21/17

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Transcript for Charlie Rose accused of sexual misconduct
You know, 8 women have come forward claiming that they were sexually harassed by Charlie rose. He's been suspended by CBS this morning and his colleagues reacted just a few hours ago. Take a look. Let me be very clear. There is no excuse for this alleged behavior. Women cannot achieve equality in the workplace or in society until there is a reckoning and a taking of responsibility. I got an hour and 45 minutes of sleep last night. Both my son and my daughter called me. Oprah called me and said are you okay? I am not okay. How do you wrap your brain around that. I'm really grappling with that. That said, Charlie doesn't get a pass here. He doesn't get a pass from anyone in this room. We are all deeply affected. We are all rocked by this. Rose released a statement saying that he doesn't believe all the allegations but also that, quote, I always felt I was pursuing shared feelings even though I now realize I was mistaken, he told TMZ last night, there was no wrongdoing. So is there an apology in this nonapology? It's interesting, they all think that it's consensual. They're 75, she's 23. They think that's consensual? No, it's not consensual. It's repetitive. You have all these stories and they're all about the same demographic and you think all of them were that excited to work with you so they can be with you intimately. That's a key. The pattern of behavior. You're not talking about one lone case. You're talking about a pattern of behavior through years. And this weird shower thing. What is up with this -- I don't understand the shower thing. Cleanest perverts. Cleanest perverts, right. It's so weird. The common thread where -- two common threads I see. I see the shower thread where they come out of the shower like, hey, I'm so sexy, like, you know, and they're, you know, probably wrinkled and not that -- Well, don't go there. Don't go there. They're not shower. They're all pruned up. But anyway, that's one thread -- Shr linkage. And gravity also. The other threat that I see that is really shocking and I'm dismayed by it is that women seem to have been a part in this. When you read the allegations against Charlie rose, several of the accusers say I went to his executive producer evet Vega and I complained about the behavior and she did nothing. She has apologized for being so lax. As you guys always point out, maybe she was trying to keep her job, you know? We thought the same exact thing. Yeah -- Young assistants with bring these women to the room and I'm saying what happened to women standing up together and sticking up for each other. Wait a minute. It didn't exist. It is now starting to exist. Where women are sticking together. Women are saying together we are stronger and if we make this really dangerous to do, if we make this dangerous to mess with not just you but me and you and you and you, they'll stop. And I believe that it is now dangerous to do this because there are -- Those women I think you're talking about though I think were under they -- they were silent for the same reasons. The further you climb as a woman the less there are of us at the top. Vega said that's Charlie being Charlie. It's the same reason the 20-year-olds, they say my life will be ruined. You speak up at that level and you might be done. It's so important, we're always talking about diversity around the bored room, diversity in the executive suites, it's important to have adversity so women have other women to go to. I think what Gail said this morning is very important. Nobody gets a pass. It's hard to see somebody that you like, that you respect, that you know, that's a friend of yours and learn that they've done this. It can't be about who I like. It can't be about politics. It can't be about race. It can't be about ethnicity. Nobody gets a pass. One of the things dharly says, Charlie rose says in the interview, the article, he says to one of the girls, I'm very lonely. He says despite my success and money. And I think a lot of the problem is that these guys cannot have a Normal relationship with a woman. They just can't do it. The power dynamic? There are plenty of woman who would sign up for put a ring on it and pay for me for the rest of my life. Not one of these guys -- not one of these guys you can say they have a Normal relationship. Harvey Weinstein was like a trophy wife. Had was using her, she was using him. That's how I see it. There's a dominant laden thing here. This idea that the person is powerless -- I had a very conversation with max, my husband. I was saying -- trying to dig deeper into the male psyche, is this in all of you. He was saying how there's some primitive urges there's something that can be a turnoff for a man when you don't seem willing. Men will say this isn't fun for me because I see you're not into this and they turn away. These men -- They like it. They like it. These are guys who couldn't get a date in college, some of them. Not Charlie. Not Charlie rose. Harvey Weinstein. Maybe. They're sort of reliving their -- Now they got power. Nobody would pay them the attention they felt they should be getting and now I'm going to show everybody I got this, I got this and this is who I am, I can make them do this, I can make these girls -- Sexual assault is about anger and dominance. It's not about sex. It's about insecurity. I think it's a pathetic attempt at dominance by insecure men. If you are a secure man, you se deuce a woman, you attract a woman, you don't attack a woman. And you don't have to -- you know, you take your chances like everybody else. And not all men are like this. Not all men are like this. I'm beginning to think you all are going to be the only TV show left to watch. You can't go to the movies anymore. It's interesting because didn't we have the woman from "Grey's anatomy" on. What was her name? Ellen Pompeo. She said with Shonda rhimes at the helm, Shonda has empowered the women that work there to be better versions of themselves. Statistically when women are at the helm you do not see this kind of thing going on. No, you don't because women know what goes on. Yeah. And so you try to make sure that women are able to get into the workplace in places where they weren't recognized before. And to be safe. And you know listen, this is never okay.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts react to the allegations leveled against the prominent host.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"51305353","title":"Charlie Rose accused of sexual misconduct","url":"/US/video/charlie-rose-accused-sexual-misconduct-51305353"}