Charlotte Officer Will Not be Charged in Deadly Shooting of Keith Scott

The District Attorney announced findings of investigation into the police-involved shooting.
5:04 | 11/30/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Charlotte Officer Will Not be Charged in Deadly Shooting of Keith Scott
In this case the only determination. This office does this make him as whether or not officer officer Vincent. Acted in self defense. Now let's speak to the community and I know some out there are going to be frustrated. I want everyone in this community and that we live take us meticulously. Early. Previews. All the evidence in this case. Make sure it was credible evidence. In order. To make the decision. That we made today. We took a lot painstaking effort to make certain. That there was no personal lives. And every view. Public opinion did not factor. And our determination. I'd like the community picnic collective pulse. Community should read the report. Digest the report. Please do not matter viscerally. On new business. Read the report. And describe legal analysis on the basis for the decision. In this case smile smile quickly find ourselves in the position of correcting misinformation that's been shared on social media and in the news media. People make claims on camera but later admitted to law enforcement that they didn't actually see the incident. People. And the public might and ask themselves why didn't you release more information to refute these untrue statements. I have always asserted that my office would strive towards transparency. But I need people to understand that among my highest priorities. Priorities is also protecting the integrity. Of every investigation. That means responsible transparency. Responsible. Transparency. In an ongoing investigation details are closely closely guarded the Hulk maker has tripled this witnesses. And just under someone be charged. Preserve the defendant's right to fair Trout. I know the lack of accurate information is frustrating to the public and the media that operates 124 hour news cycle. But this age of instant media and the impulse to immediately form an opinion. I'm asking that as we move forward we remind ourselves that in didn't these cases we should not jump to conclusions. Until we have all. Acts. And that they have all mr. Scott's that we watched as long simmering frustrations bowled over. I heard observers say this is not show. This is not a city that we love. But it is then if they show. This is where our friends families neighbors and colleagues. Felt so passionate that they marched on our streets to call for change. Let me be clear. I have not will not condone violence. Or property damage as a means of expression. But that active criminal charges. Are not appropriate. Under the law in this particular case does not mean we can dismiss the concerns expressed. By those who raise their voices to raise the consciousness of this community. I think it's high time that all of us recognize that this initial. And not everyone experiences the same show. Throughout our our justice system people should have the same experience. The people met her county deserves the confidence that every case is handled with fairness and equity. I want this community to know that I would not hesitate to prosecute an officer who evidence showed he acted outside the law and in fact we have. From assault. To DW lives of fraud to unfortunately sexual advances we have prosecuted officers. It is my sincere prayer. That no one. It's ever killed by police. But I also pray that police are never placed in a position. Of having to make the decision to use lethal force. To protect themselves. Or innocent lives around them. I welcome him part of don't go to public discussion and exchange of ideas on how to improve our system so that all community members. Have complete confidence that they will be dealt with fairly. And treated with the respect. Just demands nothing less.

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{"duration":"5:04","description":"The District Attorney announced findings of investigation into the police-involved shooting.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"43874544","title":"Charlotte Officer Will Not be Charged in Deadly Shooting of Keith Scott","url":"/US/video/charlotte-officer-charged-deadly-shooting-keith-scott-43874544"}