Chemist Arrested in Alleged Starbucks Poison Plot

Ramineh Behbehanian is accused of putting poison in juice bottles at a California Starbucks.
1:41 | 05/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chemist Arrested in Alleged Starbucks Poison Plot
It was the vigilance of three year veteran to -- Jacqueline who spotted what was happening. She was told not to talk to us but she agreed to an exclusive interview if we didn't show -- face. I senile lady pull out to -- barge drinks to -- juices and placed them on our account Eric. And then at a win over -- -- to check if they have been open very unsealed and -- -- unsealed in warm. -- says she's never seen the suspect 51 year old San Jose resident. -- up baby honey and before she described her as acting nervously and in a rush. She knew that I was our listeners as she ran out got in her car and left. Pretty fast and then what -- And then me and a customer -- a license plate number area. The juice bottles were similar to this one with the safety -- already opened. Police and fire units called to the -- -- the contents had been laced with rubbing out. All he quantity. Revenue helped the -- inside the bottles. Was a lethal one redeemable bottles and that could mean charges of attempted murder. The adulterated bottles have been placed at the front of the display case were customer would be likely to grab them. Suspect baby honey and lives in this upper middle class south San Jose neighborhood -- neighbors said they didn't know we're well. No one answered the door at her residence although an upstairs window was left open. Product tampering has a long history. The drug companies has certainly taken great pains to safeguard many of the medications on the shelves in the life to the point where many medications now can even be gotten without. A special request from a pharmacist and now it drinks -- -- give you pause to think about checking these these safety caps. Absolutely especially because it's -- high school and go lot of younger kids they might not notice -- so. Definitely gives gives you reason to check and think about Omar.

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{"id":19083133,"title":"Chemist Arrested in Alleged Starbucks Poison Plot","duration":"1:41","description":"Ramineh Behbehanian is accused of putting poison in juice bottles at a California Starbucks.","url":"/US/video/chemist-arrested-in-alleged-starbucks-poison-plot-19083133","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}