Chicago holds Day Without Immigrants rally

ABC News' Ryan Burrow reports from Chicago's Day Without Immigrants protest at Union Park.
5:45 | 02/16/17

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Transcript for Chicago holds Day Without Immigrants rally
Good afternoon I'm Brian burrow in. Chicago the near west side of Chicago lake union park more specifically where there isn't. Immigration rally going on today today is called a day without immigrants a lot of these people have taken the day off work a lot of stores and restaurants. Opting to close down today so people can be here at this event and the purpose for it is twofold number one to show solidarity with. Immigrants across the country not only does data which we see a lot of here. On the west side of Chicago but immigrants across the country at number two to send a message to with the trump administration many of decides. That you'll be seeing here are. Against the bad against the wall things of that nature so other people have come out there are thousands of people here many community leaders as well. The suggestion had bad for people. The take it day off work to. Kids out of school. And to not bought anything to show the kind of economic impact that immigrants do have especially on this community and of course this is that we got nationwide this is one of several dozen. Rallies and protests and demonstrations that are goalie got yourself. Let god take a look around global streets of the scientists who we can talk some people here go and I'm. Now so they wouldn't be able to interview you about your son and then what brought you. Combat. And I just. It's and an end here and immigrants. Our rights and and what would what does this mean to you tend to be out here and and then what is. And you unity and not only within the Latino community residents immigrants and lives. Which is your sons. I get my kids a lot. And. Oh yeah. Yeah. I'm familiar pain. What's the significance of. The double as strong. Garment name and we're gonna get this together. Okay. Then and I saying anything in any administration that's again and again. I haven't found. And that's significant. You did you feel an added stress maybe in the three weeks and there has been or is it about. At its. Restarted with Iraqis experts say I'm not threatening Diane. There is more added we. As they go on there and and speak up at the podium right now just because it's. Kind of where we're situated there obviously a lot of signs it and people got to blocking a little bit of the way. But time. They are if not thousands of people. You see many flags were behind me Mexican flag which also got some American flags and they're mixed in with some other countries as well. It looks like this this relics that lasted about an hour longer and we'll kind of see where it goes from there that they're talking as well about. Moving forward in some of the rallies and protests will be going on moving forward including the May Day demonstration which is always a large rally demonstration here in Chicago zone. This is gonna continue here what will they be walk around just a little bit more with.

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{"id":45539997,"title":"Chicago holds Day Without Immigrants rally","duration":"5:45","description":"ABC News' Ryan Burrow reports from Chicago's Day Without Immigrants protest at Union Park.","url":"/US/video/chicago-holds-day-immigrants-rally-45539997","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}