Chicago mayor urges residents to show support for police department

"We have a responsibility today to show up for them," Mayor Rahm Emanuel said.
2:22 | 12/18/18

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Transcript for Chicago mayor urges residents to show support for police department
It's a particularly tough time here. For the fifth district I don't know if checked ever before single district in a single year. Both these two young men but the others from suicide enough Carter lost five officers. I can't think in history. Time that's happened to a single district out of the Tony too. So my own requests to all of us in the city. Is that our Chicago Police Department that we rely on all the time every day. That we go about our day and don't think twice about it because they're they're doing their job. They need you today. More than how every other 364. Days we need them. There's a palpable pain and anguish and the soul of our. Men and women that we rely on. And the family of the Chicago Police Department. And I ask every citizen every resident of the city Chicago immigration clear. Find someplace. In the next play for 3648. Hours although we'll take more. They know that they have your support. When you think about. Commander Bauer. Officer in minutes. You think you know our Eduardo. Conrad. This is a day and days after today. With the Chicago PD police department badly needs the family of Chicago. Go about your Dane you don't think about certain things because they're doing their job. And to underscore that point even with all this pain and anguish. Fifth district took three guns off the street last night and they're doing their job. Putting on the bad. Putting on there that's putting on the uniform. In with a heavy heart they're going about their day. Because we asked them of that. That's their duty. As professionals. We have to ask ourselves what is our duty and our responsibility as citizens. Because there are citizens there are fellow neighbors there are residents. We have a responsibility to them today. To show up for them. So we'll show for their family.

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{"id":59894999,"title":"Chicago mayor urges residents to show support for police department","duration":"2:22","description":"\"We have a responsibility today to show up for them,\" Mayor Rahm Emanuel said.","url":"/US/video/chicago-mayor-urges-residents-show-support-police-department-59894999","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}