Chicago schools choose remote learning over safety concerns

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot announced all schools in the district will start the school year virtually after safety concerns from both parents and teachers.
3:49 | 08/06/20

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Transcript for Chicago schools choose remote learning over safety concerns
And Chicago's mayor has announce of the country's third largest school district will start the school year all virtual. Chicago originally propose a hybrid model both in classroom and remote learning but some parents and the teachers union pushed back over safety concerns. Alex Perez is in Chicago force with more Alice. What happened between mid July when the mayor proposes hybrid model and yesterday when she announced all learning will be on line. Paid Diane check it out this school building behind me a high school here one of many school buildings that won't remain empty the next few months and no big group of students will be in this building or any school building. For that matter of the some 300000. Students here in the Chicago public school system now what happened from July to now while officials say. They covic numbers here in the Chicago area have been as slowly creeping up and because of that it just does not make any sense. To get students back in the classroom also the teachers union did did threaten. To strike and now officials say what's gonna happen now this semester this a fall quarter is going to be different than what we saw. In March and they say students are going through the teachers are going to be armed with a plan to teach their students are going to be coming into classrooms and they're actually going to be teaching. Remotely from their classrooms they're even going to now be taking attendance Diane. And what's the reaction been like we know that to some teenagers and parents obviously pushed back when the plan was originally presented now that it's all virtual. What's the reaction from the community. Well you know day and for a lot of parents this is going to be tough there are a lot of people who still. Have to go to work and leaving kids at home means they have to figure that out for them but we did speak or heal from at least out when teacher and one parent and here's what they had to say. This year from game you know from the get go my husband and I decided that we were gonna go live without remote learning. We agree that it's CPS did not have any curriculum MRSA planned for remote flirting that we have to pull it children. Thank you look you know home school program ourselves. Luckily CBS's. You know. Gonna figure something out here and I you know. Hopefully they'll be better than black street numbers are too high we should not be throwing her children and teachers in there. You know with this new virus nobody knows how old Howard Senegal. My reaction to hearing this EPS would it be online this law was one of the great relief. I'm relieved to know that teachers are no longer being forced. To choose between their lives and their livelihood we know how to roll with the punches. And were initially the job done right. I want you to know that public school teachers who'll always fight for our key east. And their families. I'll come hell or high water. No matter what corona virus. It doesn't matter who we are going to fire our fan base in their safety. And they're learning. And you heard that pared their say they just don't know how things are going to go and that's it officials are saying it's very hard to predict where things will be in the next couple of weeks. An excess several weeks or they say they have to take this precaution right now. But they also say this is temporary right now the plan is to have this remote learning only through the first quarter through November. They plan to re evaluate things that and hopefully they say they can get students back into these as school buildings and this is a conversation that these are questions that school districts across the country. Are having right now Diane. We have lots of people and during that conversation Alix thanks we should mention. LA schools are also going online only cents to the country's largest school district saying kids will not come back to the classroom this fall.

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{"duration":"3:49","description":"Chicago Mayor Lightfoot announced all schools in the district will start the school year virtually after safety concerns from both parents and teachers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"72214575","title":"Chicago schools choose remote learning over safety concerns","url":"/US/video/chicago-schools-choose-remote-learning-safety-concerns-72214575"}