Children found locked in dog cage, deputies say

The parents, whose children range in age from one to five years old, face charges of child endangerment.
1:40 | 02/13/19

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Transcript for Children found locked in dog cage, deputies say
Now to the shocking discovery at a home in Texas deputies say they found children cajun like dogs locked in a small pedal. The parents are under arrest as investigators try to figure out how long the children were living in a squalid conditions. A domestic violence investigation at this home near Fort Worth, Texas quickly deepened when deputies say they hurt children inside a barn. The deputy went inside to check on the children's welfare. And they found filthy conditions. Four siblings ages five and under all living in deplorable conditions according to deputies the children were malnourished. And the refrigerator stocked with food. Had a padlock on his children were pushed aren't. Our deputies say the two investigators say two of the children were locked up together in a dog cage. Into the older children and you're walked inside and don't kid. When this problem lived out three victory. Parents page markings and injure for Billy are now under arrest the family recently moved to the area and this neighbor says. He had no idea kids who lived next door no toys. No evidence of any kids soon. To your knowledge they're never played outside ever Simonsen. And FaceBook are far more public image of the couple photos of what appears to be a proud mom with her children and a smiling father. Relatives say they're in shock they see they saw the kids just a week ago in good condition insist harking has been a loving mother. Investigators say Harkins is the mother of all four kids for Billy as the father of one of them. Child Protective Services had contacted the parents in the past with the agency is not elaborated.

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{"duration":"1:40","description":"The parents, whose children range in age from one to five years old, face charges of child endangerment.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61046935","title":"Children found locked in dog cage, deputies say","url":"/US/video/children-found-locked-dog-cage-deputies-61046935"}