China announces tariff hike

China hit back with a $60 billion tariff following Trump's latest duty increase.
5:05 | 09/18/18

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Transcript for China announces tariff hike
We're gonna stick with this story about I want to bring in Karen Travers to give us a slightly different look at this carrying you are sitting outside and out White House. Every day you know the ins and outs of it better than any one house. We are told that Brett Cavanaugh was seen entering the White House for the second day in her row. Are you hearing any rumblings about why that is. Where you know these meetings they are all part the ongoing nomination process back cap was here for a couple of hours yesterday. The president was asked in a photo lap on Monday at least it he had spoken cabin on he said no so he's here he's meeting with White House officials of course preparing. But what's going to happen next week how that's when a look we still do not you know but. Very significant the president is standing firmly by Supreme Court nominee need it very clear yesterday. When he highlighted Brett Cavanaugh character and called him a quality person he's an outstanding judge outstanding intellect. And the president. You know measured response very striking from the president who is very aggressively pushed back. On allegations made against his friends his political allies himself. Yesterday. Into all of that instead tried to keep the focus on Brett Cavanaugh the person. Right now I think a lot of people who watch this White House were surprised by the president's ability to stay on passage tepid response did get. Also telling Connolly tackling the same idea and it both sides need to be heard in this case. That's not political in each or does the White House actually believe that this is the vastly hours. You got the sense from the president yesterday who kept referring to a process he's an outward several times yesterday that he was willing to let this process play out. Instead at least in the evenings it's important for everybody to be hurt that was very notable. From the president yesterday and you know I think the president. This is he success for he likes to point out his Supreme Court nominees. Judging imports worth right this isn't very important priority for him. I think getting the sense that he realizes that in the long. Term gain about this this is a lifetime appointment decades from wreck happened on again and we a couple of weeks to make sure that they cross and t.'s and dot the I's. Is important that said they'd like to get this moving of course but the president seemed willing yesterday to be patient not something usually heat from him and tweets are public comments. But it's signaling that he thinks that. And we signed should be heard on this that was and that's about Wednesday Kelly Conway said yesterday it has been made by the board has a story to talent she should be allowed talent. And that and talk about China's announcement that they will be levying it. Billion dollars that's billion with a B taxes against the United States clearly a retaliatory act there. This is the latest round in this escalating ongoing tit for tat trade war between drug administration and president rob announced yesterday 200 billion dollars. It will be added tariffs at 200 billion dollars worth of Chinese goods and promise that'd China retaliated. He would do the same well of course as expected China responded today with as you mention tens of billions of dollars. And parents on that amount of American products so. This is not surprising this has been ongoing for months but it's an issue that has a big concerns for Wall Street. For American farmers from business groups here in Washington who say the president have to put the brakes on it even reports of the treasury secretaries in the new mission. Was personally pleading with the president to not move forward on this latest round. We see the president digging in his heels he sat on Twitter this morning that China has been taking it may into the US on trade for years. And he says that they know he is the one that knows how to stop so certainly no indication from the president. He's listening to these outside wheeze as we're saying put the brakes on this this could be. Actually damaging to the US can't live outside voices in his own administration. And there aren't the American people among who. Open trade remains. Surprisingly popular these tariffs are rather unpopular. I wonder if the lighthouses factoring in. Election Day and whether or not they're going to be voters who vote predicated on the east you have very critical election states for president from where people are impacted by the states in the midwest and the day in this summer where the president went to a corner of Iowa where farmers there were really feeling the pain from the east Harris. And the president talked about them that was saying I'm looking out for you nobody else has been kind here for you and ultimately this is going to be good for you and for the US economy. And a couple hours later he was in and others ate at a steel factory that he says those parents are helping that industry has. There enabling. Steel companies hire more workers open more hands you know. Perhaps we're pushing more evidence on this and where that's actually happening but. He's a real impacts on Americans. And certainly in Republican lawmakers say they don't like the direction president is heading on this but not backing down. Travers thanks so much.

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{"duration":"5:05","description":"China hit back with a $60 billion tariff following Trump's latest duty increase.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57910640","title":"China announces tariff hike","url":"/US/video/china-announces-tariff-hike-57910640"}