Christian Indonesians fear deportation to hostile homeland, seek sanctuary at church

A temporary ruling is seen as offering hope.
1:40 | 02/09/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Christian Indonesians fear deportation to hostile homeland, seek sanctuary at church
I've folks a live video here. Is ice knocking on the doors of carrying on a on the mine's house. And we know that right now they're on these and removal that are only yet. And I'm just I'm just filming what happens in highland park New Jersey and ice decides that they want to take the guided just when the MLK award. Where repairing 209 houses during hurricane sandy and and assault and threaten him. So they get a knock on hearing on his house and they just gonna keep knocking in a minute keep videotaping us. And I hope friends and you'll share this that this is what happens went ice spirits industry rare community. This is ice so anybody who's with dire I would want it right now if Dyer could please. Come here and just witness what's going on. I'm doing my best to kind of capture this on film. Well ice there's this I'm thankful that the people are starting to show up if you get a chance to do you have fuel number. I got jewels number I feel like I should reach out to Joseph war if others could please just let me know you're watching this. The more people who can be watching this like video right now the better. We need to see this is ice knocking on the door of air in young beyond undermines house. These are upstanding citizens who have been active in our community since 1993. Since 1993. Gave an active in the community and now we've got these guys who work for Johnson care it's one of the most cruel field office directors in the entire country. Another lead in the house they've been knocking on the door. Knocking on the door of the house and now they're leaving.

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{"id":52972106,"title":"Christian Indonesians fear deportation to hostile homeland, seek sanctuary at church","duration":"1:40","description":"A temporary ruling is seen as offering hope.","url":"/US/video/christian-indonesians-fear-deportation-hostile-homeland-seek-sanctuary-52972106","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}