DC Navy Yard Shooting Memorial Service

Chuck Hagel, Martin Dempsey honor those who lost their lives in tragic shooting.
10:37 | 09/17/13

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Transcript for DC Navy Yard Shooting Memorial Service
This is this special report from -- -- I'm Jen -- New York with the CBC news digital special reports the morning after. Secretary of defense Chuck Hagel -- that the US navy memorial plaza at this hour. Where he will lay a wreath at the foot of the lone -- bronze statue that you see there. A tribute to all American naval servicemen and women. This. All a little more than 24 hours for a lone gunman -- dead. Killed twelve people inside the US navy yard. In Washington. -- -- As this morning ceremony gets under -- We are waiting. Martinez who was at the Pentagon. -- so much to talk about today. Mostly. In more importantly. What do we know about the victim. We know that they were all civilian contractors. -- civilians. Ranging in age from 46 to 783. Then we'll learn the names of seven of them last night there -- still notifications under way toward the remaining six into the remaining five. Obviously very solemn events taking place here is she secretary hazel from chiefs -- -- -- chief of naval operations that job. -- Yeah. A. Other leaders of the Department of Defense. -- including. -- Wreath laying ceremony. That's Lewis Payne memorial. And -- we were just talking about all twelve of those victims. Were civilians. That's right -- this facility the Washington navy yard and plays both military officers and DOD civilians. Basically headquarters facility for the needy. Large office complex -- -- with very important work for -- -- -- there. Obviously the of these villages is important. Military officers. Within our defense. When you saw then ages come -- last night. You just had the heart had to go to those -- obviously. And full lives. Cut down. Just this very senseless. It is a very solemn and is very somber day of reflection. Memory of victims. There are so many questions that are being asked today what happen how did it happen how could something like this he carried out. And in less than 24 hours. Investigators have. And getting a better idea about the gunman -- Alexis 34 year old former navy reservists. -- what it what is the latest that we've learned about him -- nine. While we learned that -- more information about how he was actually discharge from the -- light last night we were talking about how he had received a general discharge. That turn out to be incorrect what had happened was -- -- -- -- general discharge which is basically an administrative separation from the navy. And that was for what they called a pattern of -- -- An -- excused absences other things and it also we're we're finding out that incident in September 2010 when he was cleaning his gun in his apartment. And it accidentally discharged he was arrested he was not -- prosecuted but he was arrested and that was one of the incidents that led the navy to try to seek. This general discharge for whatever purposes. They were not successful in achieving that general discharge. And Alex is on his own side and honorable discharge something that he couldn't get with the permission of his commander. It's -- -- mutually beneficial to both sides that he leave an eighty and that's what that effort was successful and so he did receive an honorable discharge. From -- -- I'm other questions that are merged or about whether he had -- security clearance. Two to work as -- -- contractor at the Washington navy yard. We learn last night from the FBI an that he did have valid identification in order to enter the base. And so the question then becomes what where he's -- -- next step from going from into the base two building 197 which was the scene of all the violence yesterday. On this security checks are tight there at the Washington navy yard. But if you have those credentials to -- and you they're not gonna check your vehicles so that may have been. -- a key step here in yesterday's events and what is the latest that we know about the weapon or the weapons that were used. We do know that about a week ago he purchased a shotgun at any gun store about twenty miles south here Washington and Virginia. We tried to you contact the yen gun owner -- the gun store -- last night to get information. They didn't have much comment because -- -- cooperating with authorities at the time. -- -- -- it is believed that he also used. An assault weapon as well as a handgun. The thinking is right now that the handgun was taken away from. The from his slain officer in the security officer inside building 197. And -- federal officials are still trying to ascertain. The Providence of the other -- assault rifle. And then that's something that we're trying to be -- in -- reporting right now. What about in his past I know that investigators are trying to piece together a timeline of where he lived. And and one of his last known whereabouts. What was in Texas. Born in Brooklyn. But what about any kind of psychological issues. Well the father. Alexis told us last night that he had been affected greatly by 9/11 that he had coop later helped out in the cleaning of the nine elevenths site. And that that it kind of left day as a psychological scar on him it's unclear whether that carried over. Into over the -- in the decades since. But that something -- that is out there right now we are trying to check with the veterans affairs administration right now. -- to see whether indeed there is any truth to reports that he sought care from them. As a former and as -- former navy reservists he would have had access to VA care pretty much automatically. But that's something that we are still trying to ascertain at this point. And the latest on the investigation is that they do not believe that there have been any other potential involved in this any other potential shooters from this. -- that was something that certainly investigators were looking at yesterday for the possibility what about at the navy yard today what is going on there. Well it's pretty quite day in terms of workload only essential personnel and were told to report to work today. And obviously it's it's a very active crime scene last night his until late last night that the final employees were taken out of building 197. There's obviously a very meticulous effort to try to ascertain that they were safe that everyone who -- still in the building was safe and to me potentially been. No other victims inside the building. So and that process and of late last night. -- around 10 o'clock we heard from the DC police chief saying that she was confident. That there were no other individuals involved in this but that out of an abundance of caution given that there were these other reports. Of additional cheaters that they had to pursue that as far as they could. An investigation will certainly continue ABC's -- Martinez -- the Pentagon Louis. Thank you for that. Of course we do a complete recap on abcnews.com. At the conclusion of that wreath laying ceremony at the US navy memorial. Where secretary of defense Chuck Hagel has placed a wreath next to the bronze. -- there called the lone sailor. And representation for all the men and women who have served in naval forces. For now I'm down -- learn New York with this ABC news digital special report. This has been a special group. Report from me.

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{"id":20280145,"title":"DC Navy Yard Shooting Memorial Service","duration":"10:37","description":"Chuck Hagel, Martin Dempsey honor those who lost their lives in tragic shooting.","url":"/US/video/chuck-hagel-martin-dempsey-dc-navy-yard-memorial-20280145","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}