Civil rights lawsuit filed in death of Pamela Turner

ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks with the daughter of Pamela Turner and civil rights attorney Ben Crump about the lawsuit filed on behalf of Turner, who was shot and killed by a police officer.
5:56 | 04/09/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Civil rights lawsuit filed in death of Pamela Turner
Pamela turner would have turned 46 years old today but instead of celebrating her purse. Today her family seeking justice for her deaths and these images taken from a video from may of 2019. C Pamela scuffling with a police officer she ends up falling to the ground and once she is down she is and fatally shot by that police officer. Pamela Turner's family has said that she had paranoid schizophrenia and pose no threat to the police officer. Part of the families demand for justice comes in the form of a federal civil rights lawsuit filed today. And joining us now is the daughter of Pamela turner Chelsea Rubin along with her attorney mr. Benjamin Crump think you both for being here and Chelsea it might just start by just saying that we're so sorry that. Your mom is not we use today. Can you give us sense about who your mom was in and also a little bit about her struggles with mental health. I'm. My mom. The person who with a serious. There and is kind love being caring infamous mom Michigan next door. Com. She. She didn't demonstrate on this Hershey and ornaments some income you don't know where I'm not. She's leaders on ending. She won't. Sell hard to tell matter. Nina it is scary. I miss her life. And Chambliss talk about this federal lawsuit what are some of the demands that are being made. Thank you means and I don't. We've probably irrelevant your loss blue. Today it is on what would have been in her 46 birth variety. To celebrate her life two leaders aren't letting the stage when you look at impunity own. It is our readers forget that this all of us I wish you. Eight. Black war who is vulnerable bag and she and her three times in business Trace in the chest and Hearst news. Com if you were outraged when use our own. Here are charged smartly here are. Mean yeah released in parliament and did he should be outraged when he's seasons are you okay I'm Charles this. A woman being Shia rise based. Police officer. So police officers defense why is he saying at this I was. The video tells the story. Society oh he. To your life. Where he hand it is and polish are. Her parents. Didn't get any number of things he. Were a local man has he could have created distance. Yeah Carter created rip current. The Indians and age it's shoe this. Juveniles who. Can't cure her. It's not just her remember. Hey Chelsea what are you hoping personally comes out of this Lawson. I'm hoping just aren't. Making. Progress. On their a lot of things I want to come from my marriage sound. This is just once that the closer. To island and initially in. We're on it's what I want is change who you know they're they're. Easton peace and drastic climate change comes from this. I know my ass and we knows my children. There's there's not anything. And mr. Condit took sixteen months for the officer who shot and killed Pamela to be charged with felony aggravated assault by a public servant. Were things currently stand with his case. You know who are pieces of bringing in knows. No war we just today even though he's been in charge he's a man. We can. Oh. Today and even he had been charged. Easier has not been terminated. From the bay town Texas police department. So just imagine I. Business. How are orchestrated and Justin are necessary to kill them this black woman cries of police hours. Has had no consequence. Of our police department had to terminate him form. There. She and Chelsea during today's press conference you were joined by Bernard Taylor's mother snicker Palmer how important was it for you to have. Her there right by your side in RU two working together on any projects raise awareness about women who die at the hands of police. I'm it's very important to these apps you can hear. She's wonder rumors along. Beers credit. And you. I'm sure you know sometime in the future in their main evenings and come out of the growing relationship with inner and I. But if she so good to know she. Claiming you sure you're anxious and support me in my famine there. This weird weird Christine some. Really. Appreciate it. Chelsea Rubin over Benjamin chronicle we thank you so much for your times. Appreciate you coming on the show and talking with us tonight. Thank you.

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{"duration":"5:56","description":"ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks with the daughter of Pamela Turner and civil rights attorney Ben Crump about the lawsuit filed on behalf of Turner, who was shot and killed by a police officer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76958180","title":"Civil rights lawsuit filed in death of Pamela Turner","url":"/US/video/civil-rights-lawsuit-filed-death-pamela-turner-76958180"}