Closing arguments today in trial of Derek Chauvin

What to expect in closing arguments and how the city of Minneapolis is preparing for the long-awaited verdict.
2:21 | 04/19/21

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Transcript for Closing arguments today in trial of Derek Chauvin
An ounce Phares joins me live now from Minneapolis with more outs let's just seem like there as a cities preparing for this verdict. Hey Dan loath to say you know this city is on edge is not an overstatement much of the downtown area here a lot of the businesses are already boarded up. She drive around Minneapolis you'll see national Guardsmen positioned in different areas this is a city that has been dealing with this incident every day nonstop since it how. Happened almost a year ago of course everyone here and across the country wants to know what the verdict is going to be Diane. Right and outlook we expect it here. In the closing arguments today both from the prosecution and the defense. Get banned we're getting ready for those closing arguments a later this morning we expect the prosecutor will make his case to the jury asked as he has done the last three weeks telling jurors that it was Derek show opens. Actions. His knee on top of his knack for more than nine minutes that those actions killed. And led to George Floyd's death we expect the defense attorney Eric Nelson will tell jurors what he's been saying for the last three weeks that. Derek shoving attack. Acted appropriately and that. It was at George Floyd's drug abuse. Fentanyl overdose and possibly untreated heart conditions that led to his death of that so we're expecting it's gonna happen. Later this morning at the Diane this could go to the jury as early as this afternoon. And Alex we are a little bit of a back and forth with the attorneys and the judge at the end of the week. Over exactly how in the jury would be instructed before they go off. To deliberate so what do we know about this jury instructions at this point. What you know those instructions are very very important Diane for both sides say they sort of create parameters for what those attorneys can tell. The jurors during closing arguments and they also instruct the jury. How they should consider each charge and how they should consider each piece of evidence of that will be very important to judge we understand has been working on those instructions up into the very last minute and even. Possibly before closing arguments are going to have. A meeting a hearing in the courtroom about that the judge has told jurors once they begin deliberating they will be sequestered and they will. Deliberating into the evening hours every night until they reach a decision I am happy that hope for short but prepare for a long Alex. For as in Minneapolis Forrest thanks Alex.

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{"duration":"2:21","description":"What to expect in closing arguments and how the city of Minneapolis is preparing for the long-awaited verdict.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77166882","title":"Closing arguments today in trial of Derek Chauvin","url":"/US/video/closing-arguments-today-trial-derek-chauvin-77166882"}