Ex-Coast Guard Diver Found After 3 Months' Missing

Russell Matthews disappeared after he was investigated for possible marijuana use.
1:48 | 01/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ex-Coast Guard Diver Found After 3 Months' Missing
Russell Matthews was a rescue swimmer with the Coast Guard someone and jumped into action when help was needed. He is. An individual that. He's really dedicated to the Coast Guard. He does search and rescue as a living for the Coast Guard but certainly the position that he has put himself in through. Over the past seventeen years. So when Matthews went missing himself last October Coast Guard crews and helicopters and ships. Along with other rescue agencies spent three days searching the water -- and a point and comb the coastline. -- -- abandoned car was. Found police were concern Matthews was distraught when he disappeared. He was also under investigation by the Coast Guard from possible marijuana use. His disappearance came nearly one year after his wife -- died of a gunshot wound to the head. Which the medical examiner ruled a suicide. But felt a contributing factor was a traumatic brain injury -- had received in a bicycling accident on -- -- -- shore in 2009. A car slammed head on declare -- as she wrote telling her two young children behind. I heard a car tires screeching and heard it was a metal. And I heard a bunch of people screaming and ran out and that was you know lately on the ground and -- -- about fifty feet away from her. Nearly a year after Claire is death Matthews new wife reported him missing. And then three months later he suddenly turned up at his home in coherent according to police. At that time -- Honolulu police department. Took him to castle hospital for observation Matthews was then transferred to triple -- hospital and is undergoing a medical evaluation there. But he hasn't told the Coast Guard -- disappeared and where he's been all this time. Making DSL most unusual missing persons case and -- -- years of Coast Guard service I never heard of a case like this.

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{"id":18293932,"title":"Ex-Coast Guard Diver Found After 3 Months' Missing","duration":"1:48","description":"Russell Matthews disappeared after he was investigated for possible marijuana use.","url":"/US/video/coast-guard-diver-found-after-three-months-missing-18293932","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}