Cocktails and COVID: Are bars spreading the coronavirus?

Erielle Reshef reports on the potential dangers posed by bars in spreading the virus, as health experts urge local and state leaders to temporarily shut them down.
5:50 | 07/31/20

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Transcript for Cocktails and COVID: Are bars spreading the coronavirus?
As cases of corona virus surge in multiple parts of the country experts are warning that bars. Maybe a hotbed of transmission ABC's aerial Russia has a closer look at how people congregating at crowded bars could be playing into an alarming pattern. We summer in full swing more Americans are heading out in search of fun. But with cases of Coke but nineteen surging in many parts of the country and debts and at least 33 states and Puerto Rico on the rise. Seems like pizza packed bars are stoking alarms and prompting calls for closures from the nation's top back. Burks closed the waters. That's where a lot of the transmission takes place stopped going to bars and indeed close the bars. They open up bars now they're basically saying goodbye to schools for all of the fault. Some officials like governor bill Lee of Tennessee where the state is seeing an increase in cases hospitalizations and deaths pushing back. Abbas has said. We're not gonna close economy Baghdad we're not going to. But out I appreciate their recommendations that we believe we take them seriously. But neighboring Kentucky became the latest state this week to announce it is shutting down bars. I'm not gonna pretend like and there are some small businesses that they won't make it through this. I'm deal with an international health pandemic that threatens to the lives and the health of our people the overall health of our economy. I've got every public health expert from the White House down to the State's saying we absolutely have to do this otherwise we'd have to have more widespread closures. From the governor of New York this morning. You don't socially distance you don't Wear masks the virus spreads. And it is happening. To young people. This is not the time to fight for your right to party there's an attitude. Dad young people are immune. You warn. Twenty to thirty. Good virus continue. The authorities in New York cracking down or suspending the liquor licenses of several bars for allegedly violating safety protocol. They had to can be Cuddy. We're out we're breaking that rule I mean breaking all the roles as well as social distancing and they didn't have the problem. So just how dangerous is grabbing a drink it a bar with friends. Time aren't very dangerous because you have a lot of keep GAAP together. In net crowded state says there are drinking. They are talking loud they're sitting close to eat out their. These are factors that help us Brad the corona virus what's your reaction to some of the images that we're seeing these crowded state says like bars restaurants. It's a very scary Simi especially Whitman number of cases that we're seeing right now on country this is not the time to be out celebrating. Mean we have a lot at peak well. That are very say really where I asked to. Call any deal with all the stresses on the krona iris and being an Al Cardenas not that. And the rising cases of -- nineteen in our younger generations is a trend seen across the country. In Arizona up 49% of cases are among people ages twenty to 44. The highest of any age group by 33%. In Minnesota 42% of cases are among people ages twenty to 39. And in California more than 60% of cases are among people ages eighteen to 49. And many elected officials are pointing the blame. At bars and night out at the bar is too often leading to nights in the hospital fourth Stanley for friends and for neighbors. By focusing on bar areas which are proven to be hot beds for congregation and community spread. We can help keep both Minneapolis and minnesotans safe and help keep trends stable. Wild says the more that young peopled of by the CDC guidelines for mask wearing and social distancing. The worst off we could be come fall what would your message be to people who have gone out and are continuing to go out to ours. I'm really at this time. He is we have more than ordinarily in cases of corona virus and country this is not the time to be out partying. If you really need to go see your friends. You can do outdoor dining and small groups we definitely don't want you out celebrating at this time we have a long way to go cook at nineteen is still with us. As for the bars that are falling that constantly evolving protocol some say they will do what ever it takes to stay open safely eat. It's been very stressful. For sure each stage has brought something new new regulations. News staffing issues changes in laws the food issue things that we need to adapt to an inmate serving as safe and we're gonna write things. Doctor wild says there are ways to lessen but not eliminate the risks make sure aren't that they have. Seating capacity T I'm I don't much lower rate also want inmate she arched bats. They. Kind egos get in the are they going to happen reservation. They could get people out doors. Outdoor bar would be a great idea. And damn I'm not. Which might you. Whidbey. In the music down because his music he's allowed Pete shouts. And pop at a higher rate and so that's also another actor that might help a spreading iris. Bottom line experts say think twice before d'alene up to the bar. Aerial rash at ABC news New York.

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{"duration":"5:50","description":"Erielle Reshef reports on the potential dangers posed by bars in spreading the virus, as health experts urge local and state leaders to temporarily shut them down.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"72112344","title":"Cocktails and COVID: Are bars spreading the coronavirus?","url":"/US/video/cocktails-covid-bars-spreading-coronavirus-72112344"}