Coffee Cups Inspire Breakthrough in Emergency Shelters

Millions are made homeless each year due to disasters. This company has a plan to shelter them.
4:28 | 04/11/14

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Transcript for Coffee Cups Inspire Breakthrough in Emergency Shelters
32 and a half million people are displaced and every single year and just natural disasters. We start counting in man made disasters and other kind of housing problems globally. Mean there's one half million people displaced right now in Syria. From a man made disaster -- 20000 people and something -- in Africa through civil unrest that are now. Political refugees there homeless in the Philippines right now post I think -- there's 50000 people that -- house today it's just. A NAFTA problem and it's something that this will not stop. -- it was Michael and Daniel on the founder and C reaction. We make rapid response emergency housing. Essentially. Safe and secure reusable filter that rises -- lost her -- literally hours after disasters and and access are really different and unique because they're the first time we've actually designed a product from the ground for something specific like disaster response. Unions that are actually light enough to be moved by hand -- them he -- machinery. Make -- seventeen minutes from us. For instance -- -- hurricane that was actually making landfall in hits against population area like Houston or influence. I'm in this place is a lot of people. Those people typically right now are relegated to saying in a large sports if not necessarily. The most. -- and -- welcoming inviting place so these units would actually. We'll be stockpiled. And a storage facility and then once. They are needed that would actually be put on trucks we can fit about fifteen to a truck they're quite spacious on the interior there -- Griffey. And we try to do things. Coming during the units that are like the door with her -- -- To -- -- DA compliance you can -- Easily roll wheelchair after this is our standard configuration essentially that has four bunk beds. -- spellbound as -- -- -- the loss the furniture actually ships with the units. Which is one way that we can actually have such rapid deployment. Because as soon as these units are set they snap together. And -- -- -- nobody has addressed show properly no why don't we have shelter stocked -- like him are you. I kind of charge myself with it as -- design project -- 1 -- I was drinking coffee and politically -- coffee cup out to make a cup of coffee office of the sleep cubs. And that's when it dawned on national coffee -- So essentially you take your standard Starbucks coffee shop and you turned upside down the list of your coffee cup is now here -- And you have this great insulated all of one structure that kind of serves as recent -- And it snaps together you know using the tools -- everything officially started with this this -- the very birth reaction extra credit. About three days after Hurricane Katrina was on the first -- sketches. What would become what you see behind me. Happened and I -- the mark one probably the first prototypes school size prototype is probably about a year after that. And about a year and a half two years ago got serious about it as -- business and started. Methodically plotting how we can actually go to viable business around this product. Get it -- and off the ground. By getting really Smart way that we actually -- overall infrastructure and these materials were used in advance deposits. We've been able to get something is incredibly strong and incredibly -- way -- is actually a wall session -- one of that here. You can say it's extremely strong but that featherweight instead of waiting for -- full scale production until we're actually. Have mass quantities of these units being produced but only do something with the prototype we literally ran any negative campaign where we were what do you. Raise about 76000 dollars actually take some of these prototypes and -- these. Two partner NGOs in Syria we can start filling ten prototypes to serious in his -- -- evaluating here and they'll actually -- over and we can have real world feedback. We get this using -- emails this of their first kind of written pieces and now for my -- -- food. They think we're rock stars. Are ingenious idea what he's suffering all over the world and good -- we have an entire team. Of people there. As passionate. And has driven make sure that this product actually get some more.

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{"id":23297429,"title":"Coffee Cups Inspire Breakthrough in Emergency Shelters","duration":"4:28","description":"Millions are made homeless each year due to disasters. This company has a plan to shelter them. ","url":"/GMA/video/coffee-cups-inspire-breakthrough-emergency-shelters-23297429","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}