College basketball player fatally shot; sister arrested

Tamena Strickland was taken into custody late Friday for the 2 p.m. shooting, Portland police said.
1:42 | 08/03/19

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Transcript for College basketball player fatally shot; sister arrested
She's been identified as to mean analyst Rick wind Dion Tate's sister she's now charged with murder in his shooting death and two counts of attempted murder. For allegedly shooting two other family members. I happen to be turning south on 42 street heading towards killings were as I crossed over home and kit was running down in the middle of the street. I I didn't know what was going on arms where flailing in lapping asked that kind of signal to stop means it's an image it's going to be hard to she. For Carter all of us on sudden something must be kicked in whether it is injury he was on him he kind of reached down by Islamic. A whole bunch of let's start pouring out his mount profusely. I mean it was scary. Ordered was driving to work says he called 111. Shooting victim beyonce Strickland ran into a nearby construction site for help. Construction workers they are performed CPR but they were unable to save him. I hope I don't have nightmares from him back I just want to help the Stanley is in any way that I can't. Strickland was a standout athlete central Catholic high school without a play basketball he askew and politically football for the vikings this fall. He had aspirations of becoming a sports agent. Got a lot of family and friends value employment I love. Yeah Strickland Stanley tells Kate to the shooter is Dionte sister relatives say she also shot two other family members before driving off. I just. Hope and pray for the family and definitely there everybody's in my prayers. That's not exactly clear what led up to the shooting fan way tells me that. She is a horror working mom Strickland is due in court on Monday. In the newsroom Chris libel case a news.

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{"duration":"1:42","description":"Tamena Strickland was taken into custody late Friday for the 2 p.m. shooting, Portland police said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64754531","title":"College basketball player fatally shot; sister arrested","url":"/US/video/college-basketball-player-fatally-shot-sister-arrested-64754531"}