Colorado Gets Pounded by a Spring Snowstorm

A foot of snow and heavy wind gusts caused numerous car accidents and delays at the airport.
6:36 | 05/12/14

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Transcript for Colorado Gets Pounded by a Spring Snowstorm
This is a special room. Springtime. Snow this is not file video this is actually from today folks in Colorado getting more than a foot of snow. In May that -- started yesterday but it has now caused accidents and delays at the airport. Everyone I'm Dan -- in new York and that Mother's Day gift now piling on and with that's now coming heavy wind gusts that could be causing even more problems for Colorado. So I want to bring -- from our affiliate KM GH in Denver just outside there Tyler Lopez Tyler. Obviously not exactly what -- -- wanted to get her Mother's Day. Not -- but my wife my son had to run a five K event yesterday in the snow and it was documents. It's -- on the faces some of those kids they're just in agony as they cross the finish line. But here's where we are about eight miles west of Denver. -- yellow side there. That warned you about the greatest degraded heading east on I seventy towards Denver we fed a tough time seeing that bright yellow sign today because the visibility has dropped. The winds have picked up it's been near blizzard like conditions at times. What we're seeing right now though is an improvement on the roadways a truck going past right now you can see that the road is wet. For much of the morning most of the morning it was snow packed and icy civil brokers -- a difference this moderate to. Had been plowed at least three different times that it remains snow -- until now it's just now starting to melt but the snow continues to come down sideways. Warren Genesee where they -- more than sixteen inches of snow and accredit this to draft your apartment just to give you some perspective. That's a lot of snow we're talking seventeen inches in the Genesee area since the storm started. Yesterday this is gonna go down in the record books for us it's going to be one of the strongest storms that we've had of the year but it's also had to go down the record books -- Mother's Day. We believe this will at least be in -- top ten with records dating all the way. Back to 1898. So that's what looks like right now gonna have to have snowplows even for the parking lots just to get around right now -- it's been incredible storm. And it's still snowing right now. It's not I gotta say hats off your photographer -- is not only able to keep the -- claim -- also able to navigate around and see that snow because that picture is just unbelievable. As we look at the calendar doing a double -- and think wait a minute the tulips are up the flowers are blooming here at least in the northeast anyway. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Whether of this extreme but at this time in this part part of the year the army was -- -- seemed to be prepared for this storm. We knew what was coming we have plenty of warnings that we go all kinds of alerts that we didn't have years ago our number one did in my house in 2000 -- lost a lot of plants on Mother's Day because of a storm like this. But the amount of snow is what's different this is significantly more than we typically get if we get three to four inches. In May it's gone by the afternoon it's not a problem. That's not the kind of storm we're seeing right now -- they expect temperatures overnight they're going to be in the low twenties so the -- really are in danger tonight recover -- with. Outside the base from. Waste Management recycling cans do buckets to. Garbage cans and anything we could find try to protect displaced because we've got excited it was nice for a few days yet the seventies we just about -- -- so we got -- at. Bring in the spring but instead we're dealing with snowstorm that's gonna keep our temperatures below freezing for at least three mornings and this is the first. Of those three so certainly going to be something would have to deal with for a while. What you know and your photographer was with -- up to the ever greens up there but if you look at some of the other trees -- the -- district to cannot and that's causing a serious problem as well right and -- that -- It's turning to -- on those branches. Oh yeah we spent some time with some of these ever teachers look at this -- -- a loaded up that is. If that was your house especially -- have you considered valuable hanging over a grill or hanging near a window or especially -- power line. You wanna -- -- -- that I had to do that two or three times yesterday that's just part of how it goes in the springtime. These trees get loaded up we're gonna fall we're gonna snap just got a report in Centennial at the suburbs south and east of Denver a bit that had a tree fall. Onto the roadway -- we know that's going to be coming we also expect over the next couple of days we'll see the threat of avalanche because we've had a seriously difficult year for avalanches and we know with the amount of volume and the -- That the snow brings with it were like -- gonna see more threat. Of those -- of snow slides here the next few days as well the good news is this will definitely help our -- overall we're very close daughter percent of average right now -- 93% statewide. This will likely because very close to a 100% and in some areas well over a 145%. That's good because -- had. Two of the most devastating wildfire seasons anyone can remember in the history of our state. In 20122013. So as much as we notices can lead to some difficult driving today you're gonna find a lot of people saying. That at least wildfires can be mitigated for a few days what what about the plows -- salt. The -- policy mean. Clearly been in Colorado you guys don't put away the shovels just yet but this late in the season. When -- user legs especially today because this is to -- -- storm that could hurt your back for not doing the right solution a lot of folks out there. Try to clear space -- of the retail shop here in Genesee. They were taking it slow if you multiple passes circus the got a Soviets but -- list at all and one. And one. Handful for example let's can lead to injury so yeah we've got we've got the snow shovels out via. Yeah -- scrapers are still in the vehicles as well and you could see on the cars they're taking it slow and that's what's been good -- really haven't had a lot of major pilots have that he fatal accidents today I suddenly -- remains open which it'll close the if conditions were -- got massive piles but they haven't had to do that today that's a credit to the drivers to their -- decided to stay home. Get out of -- later we'll take it slowly earlier. But this volume was a little lighter than you expect -- speeds quite a bit higher than they were throughout the morning so we do feel like conditions are improving even though I know. You can see the snow going -- -- across the woods yet. -- Tyler our condolences to all the foliage in the flowers out there that you -- -- fourth and lost because of all of this but you have our admiration and respect for -- to weather the storm. And here's the other thing I'm not gonna tell you that it was about eighty degrees in New York yesterday because that would just be incredibly -- for me to say that. I think that that's are matters -- in California to mid ninety's my sister into the pool for -- Yeah -- -- -- -- maybe next year maybe an actor Tyler Lopez from our affiliate KN TH thanks so much time to appreciate that. Of course you can give up with a -- in real time by downloading ABC news App Store in the story for exclusive updates on the go. For now though I'm Dan -- -- in New York.

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{"id":23683863,"title":"Colorado Gets Pounded by a Spring Snowstorm","duration":"6:36","description":"A foot of snow and heavy wind gusts caused numerous car accidents and delays at the airport.","url":"/US/video/colorado-pounded-spring-snowstorm-23683863","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}