Conditions at migrant detention centers ignite concerns over abuse

Claudia Flores, director of the International Human Rights Clinic, discusses the humanitarian crisis at the border.
2:58 | 07/03/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Conditions at migrant detention centers ignite concerns over abuse
Gay all on this conversation and bring in Claudia glories from the international human rights clinic. Claudia that conditions sound like human rights abuses. Yes they absolutely do. And they are in violation number the United States obligations under international human rates lac. Both to treat individuals were in detention with dignity. And tune treat children in a way that it ams is their best entrance and also our obligations under the refugee convention. Yes so in the trump administration. Have the policy. That would keep asylum seekers locked up while they pursue their cases but a federal judge in Seattle just overturn this right. Astray and the federal judge sent. Banks are migrants have to have the opportunity to. Getting to Burgess in a bond hearing within seven days attention and and earned their release. And this really part of the administration's occupation with detention. Education that is not only not necessary but has been demonstrated to be completely counterproductive. So I asked system will too but I think it's the question on a lot of people have now that we've seen. He's over at you know how overwhelmed these facilities are what are in the next steps. We really just need to get our own house in order their request for increase funding without engaging and accountability and reform of Customs and Border Protection is just cannot lead us down eight Berry passed. And this agency has had difficulties with corruption and mismanagement and a lack of accountability. Aren't before trying to administration and this current administration has just made it worse. And by over Britney and I'm seeking to zero tolerance approach. So before we keep to teeny I'm migrants for crossing the border which we also don't need to be doing. We need to actually get these agencies T-Mobile I'm doing their jobs in a way that respects human rights. Yet and dumb Claudia before we go you know you've been doing this work for a while what about this particular situation. I'm just really stands out to you as you know anything that's different from what you've covered before and worked on before. I think this thing that's difficult is there is content there is a declaration of emergency but doesn't it tests immigration law immigration across the border has not increased in fact it's decreased from happening executive go. The sources emigration have changed by we are not in a crisis. And so we're detaining where people desperate people for absolutely no reason costs of the taxpayers. With a very misguided policy we want to deter immigration. We should be investing in the regions that are actually experiencing unrest. We should be providing counsel to immigrants that come here when they how lawyers. A compliance with orders of removal are almost a 100%. Essentially bet the administration's approach has been misguided and almost every single. RA Claudia floor is from the international human rights clinic we appreciate you joining us today thank you. Deputy.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"Claudia Flores, director of the International Human Rights Clinic, discusses the humanitarian crisis at the border.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64113593","title":"Conditions at migrant detention centers ignite concerns over abuse","url":"/US/video/conditions-migrant-detention-centers-ignite-concerns-abuse-64113593"}