Congresswoman details horrible conditions of migrant detention facility

Rep. Madeleine Dean of Pennsylvania describes the horrific living conditions for children and adults she observed during a visit to a migrant detention facility.
9:58 | 07/02/19

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Transcript for Congresswoman details horrible conditions of migrant detention facility
We begin with updates at the Texas Mexico border where congressional Democrats. Toward detention centers after a number of reports said over 300 children we're living in unsanitary conditions without their parents. Here some of their comments from outside the facility. App comes Pinochet the ID. That we activist and between people all about files now she. Open up. And and I am I right in. Weekend. The Mac and we got a contrary I've the government how we treat the least to me. Yes and the last woman you saw there was congresswoman Madeleine dean and she joins us on the phone right now. Thank you so much for being with us I want you to just tell us what this experience was like in more importantly what you saw when you went inside. Well thank you for having me we we visited Q facilities. Helped pass those station Border Patrol station want to where we saw adults in detention. Pathetically revisited in a belt and at what I take evidently. We've got ourselves into it Belichick cheat when and they did not want to speaking to anyone there. A but then also that it clinched. Importantly we saw where the children were being held. But maybe I'll start with Clinton that's all right the children. What we arrived there they told us they were 25 children at their their custody right now. I get it you had that many. 352. And a half weeks ago he does that commanders just. Now we had 252. And a half weeks ago and I asked what would your all time high sentence for children. And it was 700. Children at this facility. Q&A half months ago I cannot and imagine what it must have looked like. 700 children don't know that we were walking into Clinton that now was down to tell or range at 25. Children. All cleaned up lots of smacking around. It boxes not a that was handed out relate. And we saw children behind glass shelves. With one room which racked. Or is probably twelve or thirteen that whole group under blankets. Bright lights on sleeping at that one grew hoarse squeak Dick little children we're standing hobbled by the collapse at the door. And we communicated it yelled into them. Two who we were members of congress there to tried to help them. I wrote it I scribbled little note on apology to paper that said we heart you we love you. And the guard corrected me to what are you doing I said I'm trying to communicate dispatch edge. And he chided me for doing that and that embarrassed to all the way from. That children get a note out chula Victor we complaint shall we where will be urged to do. And it was it was translated Swaby under the door they looked and no. And these children they elders could have been or that church leaders were cheap. He said how can we need help you. Can you imagine while the children wondered how. We could help them as they hobbled by a neck glass door to look at our should be let out just smile. I did sort of a fake air hot and I would again corrected by the court. I I put my arms as though I was trying to show that I was talking. And they piled in one of them hugged back and the guard corrected me again. The end humanity other. And all I could think that they want to all night long to date that was 25 children that we we saw and we were not allowed to speak two or go here. What has happened to the other 600 deputy sides. How were they treated on ma. They when they topped 500 they put a 180 children in a makeshift building that is called the Barton. That commander said once we had 500 I knew we had that we we have expanded beyond what we can do. So they had a barn that is an aluminum tight building. Maybe 35 feet wide by deputy cheap long. With triple racks of little cot. It was now there were only maybe five adults in there that had been picked up last night. I just Q&A half months ago it was cheating with children. Outside we saw three showers through the entire property rate to seven Porta potty for the entire property. It's unbelievable. The gun unbelievable yet what we're what we're seeing here right now is this footage from represented at Castro where you guys were actually. Speaking to some women as well I see you there what was the what was happening inside there. That would dispel that they never wanted to do it and show it fifteen women relying on the board it what you see there. Blue. Sleeping bag. Which we learned they were did that bring. That morning yesterday morning they had been out side their lips were cracked. They had been issued it's sleeping bags to. They get just recently. One of the women showed me it may actually a key to the fact that gradient limit of blanket. Which I now have agreed on his K. They had all been out the side or intent. With these kind of aluminum sheet. It's it's it's not that thicket that dryer sheet. And they had bin Laden that day. These were women who had been 56 date in custody. Most of them appear came from Cuba. You have epilepsy and we're very worried one lap up at a hospital because she would not be cared for. And then was put back into the detention center two women were separated from their adult showed children all of the women were crying. We looked over at C steel toilet prison toilet and sink. We touch that Yankee no water no running water. And that toilet had running water. And they were told the women said oh yes we were told. The toilet water clean you can drink out of the toilet while the guards stood there and said no we never said that they said yes that has been our fact that. Unbelievable. It's just be it humanity a tricky Dick date I kind of equipment what this year crime. And the one woman to I'm paraphrasing but she said. Are cry minute she could by climate like carp that damn river I wanted to come true America. I I'm for Cuba and I'm suffering politically. And I am. One thing I want to ask you about why you're with us the other disturbing news out of this a visit is about a secret. FaceBook page on that Border Patrol agents were allegedly taking part in rank. Yeah. As we sat down at El Paso station wants a commander there. In trying to oriental that unfortunately I but did not mention that at the get go. It did come up one of our members that were actually words are they eat. You saw that on the FaceBook. That they were threatening que otros think that at current book reader that that members of congress. What word for all KG and EC Connecticut oh yes I should address that. We that does not reflect that whatsoever none apartment management wasn't part of that FaceBook team of course that I would know that because apparently it delicate spot. That is broken up out of public trust. And a 20000 members it had ninety but 20000. Members of Border Patrol they've had 9500. Former and current members. So it that it is immediately argued in regard for internal investigation. That's not satisfactory to me I'd bet we'll watch short copper Soviet got. The grotesque that of those code. Whether toward members of congress but much more importantly. Toward women toward people of color toward immigrants. Are wrapped it pollutes Carla. Or check. So before we go. I understand that your en route to homestead another facility. In southern Florida what do you plan to do there and see there. But that the fertility as you know it is kept private for profit facility housing children. They had planned this year cheats double its size more than double its size charm. Something like dirt cheap 14100 children cheap thirty 3000 plus children. Charging something in the area of 7085. Dollars a day. To help these children so I want a need to condition I want. You are oversight and of course make the case. That no children in this country goats shelter should be separated from apparent. As they seek a better way. Helped Peterson case her life. And that might my whole goal is to get the administration. That we were wrong. It is inhumane what we have done these children need to be taken and reunited with their families and we need to crack that immigrants in excuse me. I'm speedy way. So that those tickets to get by will he get here we're country of immigrants we are better than. All right congressman net Madeleine dean we really appreciate you joining us this morning thank you. I can't.

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{"duration":"9:58","description":"Rep. Madeleine Dean of Pennsylvania describes the horrific living conditions for children and adults she observed during a visit to a migrant detention facility.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64088724","title":"Congresswoman details horrible conditions of migrant detention facility","url":"/US/video/congresswoman-details-horrible-conditions-migrant-detention-facility-64088724"}