Congresswoman recounts Trump's call to widow of fallen soldier

After the president denied making insensitive comments to a soldier's widow, Rep. Frederica Wilson called him a "liar," adding, "If he was taping the conversation, bring it on."
7:58 | 10/18/17

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Transcript for Congresswoman recounts Trump's call to widow of fallen soldier
hot topics table. ??? We were just talking about that shocking phone call from the new guy to a fallen soldier's widow. Joining us live right now is the Florida congresswoman who witnessed the call. Please welcome congresswoman Frederica Wilson. Congresswoman, you were in the -- you say you were in the car. The new guy in the office says he has proof of what he said. Can you tell us what you heard? Well, I heard him say, well, you know, this is what -- I'm sure he knows this is what he signed up for, but it still hurts. The sad December part is he kept referring to la David as your guy. He never called his name. It was almost as if he forgot his name. That's what hurt the mother so badly, the wife. She said he doesn't even know his name. Congresswoman do you think president trump was aware you were in the car listening to the call? Well, I think that president trump was aware that we were on the way to retrieve the body from the airport to bring it back to the funeral home. So I'm sure he knew that I was not the only person in the car. It was a limousine. I'm not the only person who heard the conversation. Uh-huh. And the call was on speaker phone? She was crumbled up in a ball. She weighs maybe 103 pounds. She's six months pregnant. She just found out that her husband would not be able to have an open casket funeral because of the condition of the body. So she was grief stricken. In the car was her aunt and uncle who raised la David, my driver, the gentleman from the army and the driver of the limousine. Uh-huh. So they -- so the gentleman from the army held the phone so that she could speak and we all knew that he was going to call and then I said I want to speak with him. Let me speak with him and they said no no no no no no. No, you can't speak with him. So they said what -- why did you want to speak with him? I said because I wanted to cuss him out. Congresswoman, Mrs. Johnson as you mentioned is six months pregnant with her third child. According to you, president trump not only said this is what her husband signed up for but not once decal her husband a hero. What was her response when she heard what the president said? Or didn't say? This is all she said. She said he was calling him my guy. He didn't even know his name. That's what she said. That was all she said. Congresswoman president trump said this morning he actually has proof of what was actually said. I'm listening to what you're saying. It sounds your like your proof is you had witnesses in the car, a lot of people in the car who heard what happened there. What do you think was his proof? President trump is not -- he's a liar. Yeah. We know that. But, you know, he said he has proof. Do you think he was taping the conversation? That would be the proof or if he has as many witnesses as you have. If he was taping the conversation, bring it on. Congresswoman I'm very uncomfortable with all this. I don't like the cheering of calling our president a liar. I don't like the cheering of a man who gave his life for our freedom. This was a private call. Why did you speak out? Do you think shell confirm or deny what you're saying? When I exited the car because I'm from Miami my local press surrounded me. Mr. Trump had evidently told the press that she was going to call the widow. So they asked me. They said congresswoman Wilson Dec did he call the widow? I said yes, he did. They said did you hear the call? I said yes, I did. They said what did he say? I told them the one line. That was the end of that. Just because you were asked it isn't necessarily your role to answer. It's deeply private and personal. Again, I don't know the context -- First of all let me tell you my relationship with him. I have a mentoring program in Miami and I mentored this young boy from a little boy in elementary school through this program all the way through high school. His brother -- sent him to college. The other brother is in college. He's 17 years old. These are people I have known all my life, since they were little children. I told you that his uncle went to my elementary school. Another thing, my purpose was not necessarily there to hear Mr. Trump's verbiage to the wife. I want to know from Mr. Trump what happened to la David in Niger? Why was he the last one found? Why did it take 48 hours for him to discover? Why wasn't hena car, an armored truck? Why did he have weapons weaker than the terrorist's weapons? Why were they able to surround them and kill him? This is going to be Mr. Trump's Benghazi because I cannot get the answers. Nobody can get the answers. Until we get those answers it is his Benghazi and this whole thing about what he said to the widow is a cover up. I just want to say one thing. This is a tragedy. This young man died for our freedom and we should focus on that. He died for our freedom. He is a hero. That's what my community is holding him up to be. I hope the white house and the congress and everybody else will hold him up to be a hero. He minded his parents. His mother died when he was 5 years old. He went to school. He was a good woman. Congresswoman. He didn't get in trouble. He didn't go to jail. Congresswoman. He didn't go to jail. You lift him up. You got it. Congresswoman, thank you. He is a hero. We'll let everybody know I promise. Thank you for talking to us. I'm sure this is not the last we'll hear about this.

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{"id":50564895,"title":"Congresswoman recounts Trump's call to widow of fallen soldier","duration":"7:58","description":"After the president denied making insensitive comments to a soldier's widow, Rep. Frederica Wilson called him a \"liar,\" adding, \"If he was taping the conversation, bring it on.\"","url":"/US/video/congresswoman-recounts-trumps-call-widow-fallen-soldier-50564895","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}