Conn. Elementary School Shooting: Parent Interview

Conn. Shooting: Parent Interview
6:08 | 12/14/12

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Transcript for Conn. Elementary School Shooting: Parent Interview
This is -- ABC news special report. Good afternoon to all of you I'm Diane Sawyer here at ABC news headquarters in new York and we do have the breaking news of a shooting at an elementary school in Newtown Connecticut. And you heard that right it is unthinkable and elementary school. 45 miles southwest of Hartford we know at least three victims are in the hospital at this hour in very serious condition. We know there was at least one gunman now confirmed dead at the school is still on lockdown swat teams have been on the scene. We have seen the images of the terrified children being whisked out of the school -- by their teachers. And taken to a fire station nearby. And just moments ago I spoke to the mother of a seven year old boy in that fire station. There were two kinds of parents. Those who received the joyful news of relief and those who are still in doubt about their children. She got the good news that her seven year old son was all right here's what she had to say. And they give you any sense when you got there when you got to the to the fired. We department area in what had happened what did they tell you. Now nobody is giving -- the -- no official beginning at any information. Every parent I know what happened in the -- aimed. At -- I am honored and -- Pretty broken up I'm sure that it needing with the -- the -- And some other people and they heard shooting got out it would now. I'm shouldn't date in a conference brown -- up my understanding from heard the principal -- other people got shot. When they went into the hallway and she was the one who called I want a lot. So you talk to the person who called 911. Yes. Actually -- that there -- hundreds of shocked out of my. Hundreds of shots. That's what -- back. And -- their families there who don't know where their children are. Yes there are no family here who do not know -- their children are. And where they. Giving them any information that all other students -- Information are -- parents they have the kids who -- evacuated in Cuba. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But apparently because their children and love what I'm but there are dealt parity here who do not help their children and I have no -- here are not being any bank of. What was your thought -- you've got this call it is. Un imaginable. What was what what was. -- just I couldn't believe it this action state. Egypt's military or how about I'm I'm -- -- having an urban area now thought we're coming your much -- airplane. Never I would not anything like it hot in here -- and it's it's just it's a large crowd but its -- mark Powell fairly deal. And district under unimaginable just a very scared worried about -- got a -- -- the other kid but I don't hear. There. And and -- just really. In shock. What is it you're going to say to your son about this. I -- not. I have not thought about that yeah and I -- -- doctorate -- people about the street I taught preschool that a -- -- In my I have an older I'm gonna put that the intermediate school perfect six creator David -- block -- I don't know what's happening there. Well can't I thank you so much for phoning in and everything they've told us thank heaven your children are all right and we send you. We just send you love and all of our thoughts for these days ahead thank you. -- -- Then again we want to stress there's so much that still unconfirmed this is still a moving situation with breaking news but let's check in. With our Justice Department correspondent Pierre Thomas he has been talking all of his sources -- -- what do they sang. Diane the FBI and the bureau of -- -- tobacco and firearms. Perhaps that person out this -- they described as a very active scene. One senior official told me that the shooter. Is dead. That to. Oh firearms have been recovered. Again a large number of federal authorities have come into being would suggest that. You know there is a lot to investigate. And they're being very careful about talking about -- -- one official I spoke to is that if he had been totaled at least two children who had been injured in some fashion. Again they're trying to get additional information from the local authorities who -- the lead at the moment. Before they start giving out specifics on those injured there are trying to make sure that the school was clear. The -- again there's a lot of go through. But the the main thing they're trying to make sure people get -- Yes especially those children of all those parents waiting for them thank you so much -- and I know you'll be checking on. Adults and their condition and what we've been hearing and as well as ending injured children. And if it's worth just saying once again that we know we are in these times two and a half days after that shooting at the mall. Near Portland Oregon and by our calculation at least 31. School shootings. Since column -- in 1909. It is -- truly tragic report coming out of Connecticut today and we're going to be tracking all of these breaking details. On the shooting throughout the day at Be sure to check in with us we'll keep you posted on the very latest there as we receive and confirm this news and of course we'll have a full wrap up tonight. On world news I will be seen music. This has -- -- special report for -- news.

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