Contraceptive mandate overturned

ABC News’ Terry Moran discusses the Supreme Court’s ruling today that employers are able to deny coverage for contraceptives on religious grounds.
2:40 | 07/09/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Contraceptive mandate overturned
Now next to the Supreme Court siding with the trump administration and upholding regulations that allow employers to denying women contraceptive coverage if those employers object on religious. Or moral grounds Terry Moran joins us now Terry just explain the significance of this decision and also the rationale that the justices laid out in making a ruling. It Palin did this is a huge decision huge impact. The government itself the trump administration estimates that with this ruling today between 70000. And 126000. Will lose their coverage for contraceptive services immediately. And here's why the court did it because the are obamacare the Affordable Care Act provided a requirement. Under regulations. That employers had to provide insurance that covered women's contraceptive services. The trump administration came in they change those regulations saying that employers who had. Religious objections or even. Moral objections to simply moral objection provide that coverage could opt out the question was. Did the court have the power to stop the president from doing that given that he was regulations. Not Congress's law that there and and in fact they said the that. In the seven to two vote with justice Elena Kagan. The justice Stephen Breyer joined the conservatives. Said yeah out you know under the law the president can do that so obamacare is not just the law if the regulations and today the regulations change. And immoral. Objection is enough and also the court announced that tomorrow will be the final day of this German there's still one major ruling that we're waiting on regarding the president's finances explain that case to us. This is a Hutu huge cases on the power of the president is the president essentially immune. From investigation. By the House of Representatives. Or. By a local district attorney so three committees in the house controlled by Democrats they want to see the president's tax returns and bank bank a statements. And the Manhattan district attorney he wants to seem to. And that is because in the house they say they need him two right proper ethics laws around financial disclosure. The Manhattan district attorney he's got a grand jury investigating what he thinks are crimes the payoffs to stormy Daniels and other things. This is going down of the wire it did look in oral arguments as if the court didn't wanna get in between congress and the president the house might lose that one. But I subpoena from a grand jury to an accountant and bank in the legitimate investigation. Trump may very well lose that but don't hold your breath for seen as tax returns. Because grand jury secrecy will apply and while they leak sometimes. It it would be surprising to see these before the November election. All right will be watching for that tomorrow Terry Moran thanks so much as always.

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{"duration":"2:40","description":"ABC News’ Terry Moran discusses the Supreme Court’s ruling today that employers are able to deny coverage for contraceptives on religious grounds.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71684282","title":"Contraceptive mandate overturned","url":"/US/video/contraceptive-mandate-overturned-71684282"}