A Conversation Between Black Men: Black joy: Part 5

"GMA3" co-anchor T.J. Holmes discusses the nuance of Black identity with Mike Muse, LZ Granderson and Paul Welch and what gives Black men hope even in tumultuous times.
7:44 | 02/13/21

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Transcript for A Conversation Between Black Men: Black joy: Part 5
Here again TJ Holmes. Welcome back Google could not about with you both know all the words to black and Atlanta. Raised a hand if you do. First personally yeah. I don't regret or sorry for the we're Doug would do that I. View of blackness and we'd fit of the connective tissue but still. They mean he could mean different things different folks. What is it for you. Didn't I've honestly my black isn't something I struggled with solely because growing up I was married he had talked to white. I was in two things that white people were interest and until it felt like how was talked what exactly explain Bulgaria talking about opera and I easing. Proper I syntex and like grammar tonight. But that was caught and or your I was called the Vanilla Wafer because those lighter than most of my class and so for me like defining blackest myself with like her. Issue and I'm honestly not the biggest fan and the word black that there does this service is very monolithic. Actually would challenge like after an American select we have access to technology where you can like find out our heritage run was once again from Austin Kearns labor. So why don't we like support like a black under the block on to. DNA registry Brit called Africa in our Ancestry.Com and he's clearly tell you what tribe like what present a tribe in Africa you're connected with naturally if you. That in itself like one stones at the pod within ourselves. Because we know we kind of like connected that we fill that missing piece of the puzzle and instills pride to culture in it is there's a curiosity than accede. That the blackness that has to do with that heritage that's actually having a better understanding of exactly who we are oftentimes some people might come about blackness which runs to five to find us here. What that means you have to be. Have this experience have to be like this have to speak like this have right so what is. I think blackness is a mosaic. That individuals who are willing to express the meaning to write. Antes to have exactly as they are on a polish medically in an without permission that we are now being that place where we are no longer seeking permission to be who we are. We know we are now comparable amount expressing that argument in technology Paula I think technology now has allowed us to see the vastness of blackness. On Twitter RNC Graham through YouTube through and through music Thelma. Has seen a wider range a black in this on the way from from black pant there. All the way to go to Judas and and about messiah all these different things of that nature in the whole dammit a blackness. And for me that's important part high tech that the policy because when you missed it earlier TJ no other reason either is a frustration and it comes and that is because it. All black people applaud this mosaic has been comfortable coming to the table would issue they care about so we have to start inviting the fullness of blackness and these slip club policy conversations. Gather and they figure out. Who in the elective system of our democracy can sorrow for this is it this a local level a state level boards a federal level that thing that is how to connect blackness. Full in this identity policy and action whereas there was part of the platinum program wasn't the test. Not the. Critics effect among last few minutes here and I wanna hit everybody on this and and then -- gonna ask a question of hoped if you will but some of them at it this way. We talk to the top here about his being exhausted. People who win when do we get the rest. Do you get terrorist I think. Honestly. Self accountability. Our love yourself first and loved everywhere in your community are unconditional love is the answer to your. Kind of put moving forward thinking we wound can with Kate do we have a take a break can we ever get arrests. In or this that this is going to be the fight the struggle of our lives in this does what it. I don't know in terms of rest or fight but I do know personally. The more I fine and found out about who. I him and where I came from. The more committed I became in being that and I found peace in that. I don't know if describing that is there's there's there's there's a fighter not. I just know when our front of a beer Wilson was a gay black man that organized march on Washington I was different. But. I think now with not a time to rest. I think familiar familiar yacht and and I think announce in time. To lean and to AT&T to lean into activism to lean in to policy. I'm say something I think for the first time black people in particular no longer can say our vote doesn't matter. We saw what happened Wisconsin Detroit Atlanta the rural black portions of Georgia. Grade and so I think he now has its Angelina having now it's time to educate more on the broader level have conversation like this on these have a platforms. With these cities that fare paid because gonna get difficult activism and movement building it's really hard on the body mentally and physically as us Eileen you know training in food intake can be an instrument. And prayer. A day and and coming together to him he was proud of those. Your right foot prayer prayer that thing we did yeah yeah. Yeah. But mental health. It's also give me so listen grace yes it was like growing grades for each other you know we don't have to be so hostile towards each other either as we're trying to get through this thing I think. And turn to Michael mental health I know that when. I recognize that we all. Are connected by this tissue and I allow multiple board instead of dog armor on the hostility that brings me to see. Dealers uber look listen as we wrap and a look I have done the mental health work over the past couple years. I have. Absolutely embrace meditation is something I do every single day a day that I miss it. And you can tell. Right it's time that I have to take that time to sit your we'd laugh about it. But when the black men don't have time to sit with this team and we're you gonna make time this isn't news venom hate Don right now because it's necessary to do. And where we are look I work at a place still. I know we have a diversity of the folks on the air eight ABC news. But we have done a lot of work behind the scenes to make she we have more people that look like us and diverse and get more diverse. Voices. So we can give more diverse stories and be better at our jobs and that work continues. And I always say man I don't know how MLK an impetus to. We're. I thought I'd be vessel operated adult restless yet EJ yeah. The only actually get the hello model complain I get a car serviced the work and I'm exhausted that I don't know Heidi did. No I don't inherited it I don't know how to get there or else be high yet. Targeting you and looked so so it does they all that to say I'm no big they put in the work for us to be able to sit here. The onus is a loss to put in the work. Now they may cure the next brother sister coming up behind us. Has it even easier than we did maybe they'll get a nicer car to work tonight who threat to connect via helicopter as they read. They are still jogging Rabach duo to a having fun. Look are commonplace. Here is gonna continue and again I can't FAA tells the in Mike enough and Paul enough for being here and put it out there and that you TJ and deserves little thing it is is because Oregon haven't been able to sit with my boys and awhile like and so this is really nice. It's now folks don't really wanna hear the conversation we think we've got to go get drinks they can I'm kidding are you kidding. To really thank you'll for being with us. Our conversation content and TJ Holmes. Since it.

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{"duration":"7:44","description":"\"GMA3\" co-anchor T.J. Holmes discusses the nuance of Black identity with Mike Muse, LZ Granderson and Paul Welch and what gives Black men hope even in tumultuous times.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75860982","title":"A Conversation Between Black Men: Black joy: Part 5","url":"/US/video/conversation-black-men-black-joy-part-75860982"}