Convicted Murderer Sues Victim's Widow

Lawsuit alleges defamation of character when Paula Henry fought against killer's transfer to Canada.
1:35 | 04/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Convicted Murderer Sues Victim's Widow
I was shocked but I will tell you I mean it took me days to stop -- Seventeen years after her husband's murder Paula Henry says a knock on the door brought everything back Bob Henry's killer serve the lawsuit from prison. -- I've moved. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In 1995. As Bob Henry left work in Tacoma a masked man shot him in the face three years later the murder weapon was found. Paula Henry suspected her co worker at Tacoma public utilities her husband's former business partner Larry -- and dole -- it took another few years to connection to look to the shotgun. When he asked to move to a prison in Canada where he was born the department of corrections contacted Paula -- couldn't keep track of them if he's in Canada. So I didn't want him to go to -- Paula her friends and her victim's advocate wrote letters to the DOC the convicted killer is now suing them for defamation of character. It -- my two best friends from college. It's not an accident you know who got -- here. It's you know it's a simple case of -- in the courts as harassment. Paula and her attorney are fighting to dismiss the lawsuit to you're entitled to speak to the government without being sued for your comments former prosecutor John Ladenburg is recruiting other prosecutors and lawmakers to change the state law. A convicted murderer should not be able to sue. The surviving spouse of the victim that highlights an absolute certainty in the law and we need to fix this additional -- people. Murder shouldn't happen to people. Christian.

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{"id":18932865,"title":"Convicted Murderer Sues Victim's Widow","duration":"1:35","description":"Lawsuit alleges defamation of character when Paula Henry fought against killer's transfer to Canada.","url":"/US/video/convicted-murderer-sues-victims-widow-18932865","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}