Cops Detail Alleged California Carjacker's Killing Spree

Police identify deceased gunman as unemployed 20-year-old part-time student, Ali Syed.
6:26 | 02/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cops Detail Alleged California Carjacker's Killing Spree
This morning at 445. -- site yet. Twenty years old. He -- -- the -- address in the dairy ranch. He's unemployed is a part time student -- no criminal history. Shot and killed a woman who has yet to be identified inside his own home. He took his parents black SUV. And left delivery traveling northbound on the five freeway. We don't know why he decided to exit bad -- for the accident red -- from right on el -- reality pulled into the parking lot. Of the Denny's and at -- -- There was a subject -- in his car waiting for his son. Solely for the purpose of carpooling to work. This gentleman got out of his car and noticed that mr. -- it was loaded shotgun. In his -- So we quickly got back into his car and accelerated rapidly. At the same time mr. -- got out of his car and started shooting. Shooting in the back of his window almost as if he was chasing him on foot while the beautiful. -- our victim was trying to get away. This victim was shot in the back of the head. Was able to exit on to -- a reality and make a left turn to go southbound in the northbound lanes of red hill. But his vehicle was damaged and came to a stop underneath the overpass. Mr. -- got back into his black SUV. And tried to exit the same parking -- ended up on red hill. But his vehicle had damage we don't know exactly -- that -- came -- but his vehicle had -- flat tire. So -- got out of the car with a shotgun. Abandoned the vehicle in the middle of the road and noticed another victim who was at the gas station in mobile gas stations. -- -- -- -- When it came made eye contact mr. cited started running toward suspected. He stayed. This -- I had been very polite said. I don't want to hurt you I killed somebody today's my last day. Give me your keys. And this victim victim of carjacking victim was -- and the suspect got in that -- -- gas station and got back on the northbound -- five freeway. Right before or shortly after -- northbound he exited the transition road to go southbound 55. While on the southbound 55 transition road he stopped his car. Carjacking victim's car accident and started shooting at vehicles driving southbound on the -- Three additional. Vehicles -- hit. One it down like gentlemen was. Either through the rounds -- through debris. Was shot in the hand in the face. He didn't have a cell phone he was adjusted residents. He drove to his house and called the police fast. Mr. -- got back into the truck. And quickly accelerated southbound at 55 -- and took. Driving too fast. He came up to the stop sign and wind up over the curb. And exited the truck at that point. And then there was a victim. Stopped at the stop sign. Mr. -- had approached this victim in his vehicle. Got him out of the car at gunpoint and walked him across the -- road and executed. -- -- -- -- He then got back kidnapped persons. That victims BMW. Maybe you turn it would back southbound 55 freeway and -- editor. Once he was back on surface streets he pulled into the micro center parking lot. And came up to a vehicle. A worker from the construction site of the -- -- construction across the street. Was in his vehicle at -- center parking lot. And there was another confrontation. And he shot and killed that person that is Jeremy Lewis. Yes Jerry Lewis. Age 26. A resident of forward. At that -- it began to transition. From the VFW. To mr. -- vehicle. At the same time people -- yard people's insight came over. An additional -- To try to find out what was going on. And this time the society had pointed his gun -- the subject to run it took up front and if he too was shot shot in the arm. As he fled. It was his vehicle. That mr. -- -- -- this is not the homicide victim. The additional attempted homicide victim the second victim at the Michelson. He jumped in his vehicle. And -- back on the freeway going northbound. At 55 freeway. Many calls were coming in in the California Highway Patrol. God and behind mr. -- in the stolen vehicle. And mr. -- took the patella. Exit from the northbound 55 freeway. And -- right. There was -- -- at this point. The California Highway Patrol was just getting in position to make a -- car -- And they're now traveling eastbound on -- Coaching Wanda. At the intersection of Wanda. Mr. -- exit his vehicle. While it was still in motion even though was going very slow at that point. That explains why the vehicle continued up -- to the -- And almost instantly from almost instantly as he exited the vehicle he took the shot put into his head and killed himself. The chp was there are additional. Chp -- officers were writing -- was department was arriving customs police department was arriving. But there really wasn't a confrontation at that very it happened so quickly as soon as -- got out of his vehicle. Before it actually came to a complete stop he shot killed so.

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{"id":18541390,"title":"Cops Detail Alleged California Carjacker's Killing Spree","duration":"6:26","description":"Police identify deceased gunman as unemployed 20-year-old part-time student, Ali Syed.","url":"/US/video/cops-detail-alleged-california-carjackers-killing-spree-18541390","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}