Cops Shut Down Prep School Drug Ring

Students are accused of using their education and their connections to run drug enterprise.
6:20 | 04/22/14

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Transcript for Cops Shut Down Prep School Drug Ring
This is a special room. I'm Michelle Franzen in New York Pennsylvania police are touting a massive drug -- today. They say the operation was called mainline take -- project and it supplied drugs pot cocaine and Ecstasy. To students at prep schools up and down the states the -- eastern -- -- At the center of it all too young suspects cops say organized and nationwide smuggling operation. With more now on the legal case to come here's the Montgomery County district attorney. Instead of putting. These skills that they -- -- into a traditional business or to a legal enterprise they were using it for all of us. Now with more on how it all happened we're joined by ABC's Ryan Smith. Brian give me an idea prosecutors say the ring was pretty big how big was it. It was fairly big especially when you talk about these two young men coming from this prep school environment. It it it it is it -- five different high schools three different universities all prestigious in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas. And it involved about eleven or so individuals and when you talk about the distance in which this was all planned. The plan what the smuggling drugs from California over to Philadelphia. Putting things together in people's homes and then distributing -- to these high schools and colleges so it's pretty big for two kids ages 25 and eighteen leading the into. -- enterprise exactly those alleged suspects how did they managed to. Ron and operate such a complicated business it's an interesting thing they both played lacrosse -- have referred school prestigious school in Philadelphia. And they got to know each of the got to know others in the community once they tried to get this on tap they were coaching at different schools and different lacrosse programs and the use those contacts and other contacts they had on social media in order to. Drive this enterprise according to prosecutors so it's a very elaborate scheme using some of their connections in their sports contacts to make it happen. And give us a little bit idea about this area the main line -- terms -- and -- -- -- described the region as well as the suspects to these kids. Families paint for school at these schools that were affected. Oh my goodness this is sort of the creme -- -- creme and some of these areas I grew up in Philadelphia and I could tell you that mainline areas one of the most expensive areas in the city. The sky high school they -- to have deferred cost about 35000 dollars a year in the colleges are some of the best private schools in the area so. You're talking about some of the wealthiest people. In the Philadelphia area who and these kids allegedly supplying different schools in those areas. So big to do in the city especially when you consider who's involved in both kids. College you know kids college educated so surprising the number of people. And -- and talk a little bit about the investigation that led to these arrests. How long did it take investigator to sort of put all these pieces together and to profile these you. Took about four months and it was tough because when you look at their FaceBook pages the different social media they have it looks like -- to prep school kids hanging out. Button down shirts nothing out of the ordinary but the underlying factors was with -- it was something that took investigators a little time to get into. They eventually infiltrated the ring by doing -- call controlled drug buys. Essentially said that informants to make purchases from some of the dealers in this alleged drug ring. And from there they were able to obtain search warrants and recover some of the things you see right there so the level of drugs and money and other items that they recovered. Is quite staggering. And the penalties that these crimes -- -- you're talking about criminal conspiracy running a drug ring we're talking about double digit years in prison if convicted. And give me an idea what do you think prosecutors. How will they go about investigating. And prosecuting. This case as they move forward it seems fairly sophisticated it also sings along the lines of many other sort of drug dealers I understand that the suspects may have been reading up on some of the other. Major more high profile drug books that were out there. Yes and end at the interesting thing about his drug ring was they were approaching it from an economic perspective. Doing things like trying to over supply marijuana because one of the leaders of the ring allegedly thought that he could never get pot when he was in school. Therefore he always wanted his dealers to seem -- but. How will they try to get people to turn of others if the flip flop stories you're gonna try to get some dealers to flip on higher up one's. To try to get the two main characters in all of this. But it's twist here because and conspiracy it always takes two to tango so you can't just say one person says. That guy the top of the organization is responsible -- that guy denies it. You break down the idea of the conspiracy so they're gonna need a number of people to flip on some of the top people in order to try to get. I think what they want the king -- of this operation would -- the alleged kingpins at this point. And one of the suspects of course you -- 25 the other eighteen now but he was underage at the time many of these. Six proposed crimes took place could Timothy Brooks and -- Scott be looking look at they Beagle looking out if -- convicted and could one of them. Be tried as the juvenile. Will you bring up an interesting point both of them looking at double digit years. But one of them is eighteen and as you mentioned some of the crimes committed when he was younger he could potentially be try to juvenile court. But at some likely. Because in many cases -- cases like this. When you talk about elaborate schemes prosecutors argued that he should be tried as an adult adult crimes deserve adult time and so they're gonna try to elevate him. Along with the others any others that might be underage try to get them all in the adult forum. -- -- the lower level dealers that they can use that as a bargaining chip. With a lower level dealers. Maybe that can provide an extra incentive to flip on the top of the food chain people so they can try to get convictions there are so there are a lot of mechanization in this. It's still have to play out. Gary good ABC's Ryan Smith thank you as always -- welcome. This -- -- an ABC news digital special report keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news apps and -- the story for exclusive updates on ago. I'm Michelle Franzen a New York.

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{"duration":"6:20","description":"Students are accused of using their education and their connections to run drug enterprise. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"23429311","title":"Cops Shut Down Prep School Drug Ring","url":"/US/video/cops-shut-prep-school-drug-ring-23429311"}