Asiana Airlines Crash: Foam Cited in Rescue Vehicle Death

Officials reveal crash victim was struck by a firetruck while awaiting rescue following crash.
2:26 | 07/19/13

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Transcript for Asiana Airlines Crash: Foam Cited in Rescue Vehicle Death
Good afternoon. My name is Robert full -- by other corners every vote counting. With me today's there's -- fire chief joined his wife and her command stuff. Before -- start today. On behalf of the members of the -- -- county coroner's office in the community. Our heartfelt sympathies blogs all victims of the -- and a flight to fourteen. And my commitment to continue to support. Every aspect of this investigation -- support as well as the families. Today. Because of that -- of flight passenger. Me -- law and it's listed as. Multiple. Blunt injuries that are consistent. With -- -- run over by motor vehicle. Those injuries. She received. She was alive at the time. Lights turned over to the fire chief. Thank you Robert good morning everyone JoAnne Hayes white students -- fire chief. On behalf of the men and women at San Cisco fire department. We like to express sorrow for the deceased and their families and continue to keep them in our thoughts and prayers. I particularly want to express our condolences. And apologies to the Stanley -- -- -- In light of the -- findings this tragic accident. We've reached out to the family through the consulate. China. Consul general's office. Obviously this is very difficult news for us were heartbroken we're in the business of saving lives. And many lives were saved that day on July 6 related to flight -- fourteen. I continue to be. Very proud of all the men and women of our department many of our members risk their lives to save passengers and -- that day. But obviously with the coroner's findings on -- -- -- you -- it's very very difficult and devastating news for all of us. I want to assure -- that every aspect of our response that day is currently under review. -- we will continue to examine our response that very day. If -- improvements that need to be made we'll certainly look at them. -- there is an ongoing investigation -- continues. From the San Francisco police department related to this accident. And as well we're fully cooperating and working very closely NTSB. On the investigation thank you. I'm willing to take your questions. Right behind me. No I cannot in that once he found out there was a possibility. One of the victims being struck by our vehicle. We immediately notified -- -- PD and -- the investigation remains with this series is the police department they. That initiated. What they call their major accident investigation team. To reconstruct the scene to determine what may have happened that day. Certainly there were many vehicles in the area near the aircraft as you recall we had. Both the fire and mass casualty incidents so people -- the off the aircraft. We also -- my fire. We believe it was one of the specialized rigs at the airport the PR FFR -- aircraft rescue firefighting vehicles. We -- that is still under investigation we believe it's. One of those -- there were many surrounding the aircraft. It's the question isn't the -- of the -- my understanding. From our. Initial reports in and our members as well as other members around the airfield was that. There was in the area where this victim was found. A blanket of foam was applied to suppress the fire on the aircraft they get that is all part of the investigation which is not yet complete by the S&P T. -- Not at this time I do not -- And it. That's our understanding one of the specialized apparatus. -- to suppress the fire and apply the phone. So again all of that is speculative and under investigation my understanding is that. As she was not standing up she was. On the ground -- our rates make contact with -- rig or. Or possibly -- that has not been determined to either. So I have not had the opportunity. To speak to the daily directly I know mayor Lee. As well as I have reached out through the consul general's office to China. To not only express our condolences and apologies but to also offer if they're willing and interested in sitting down with them so we can have a face to face meeting that has not taken place. But certainly it has been our condolences have been conveyed in the offers been -- to sit down with them. And I know that. Mr. -- -- and his staff did an excellent job and can -- -- very difficult news yesterday he met with multifamily. To discuss his findings do -- -- it. There. That's part of our post accident. Investigation and yes they did. So we're starting to get into a lot of questions that that I don't have the answer to and again this is still active investigation vote by SF PD. And the NTSB. So. I'm not able lowers that corner at this time -- wanted to speak to those types of questions. No city investigation is underway interviews taken place and obviously like I said it's is devastating news to us. A tragic accident. We had members literally. Going on to the plane because -- continuing to rescue people that we had reports that were still on the aircraft so. I see this is a tragic accident and we're really trying to support our members. -- think the team behind me but all the members that responded we had over 240. Or fifty members. From the fire service. And -- that does not -- the police department everyone is. Very emotional and this incidence and continue to -- and getting the news yesterday. Has made it difficult -- very candidly. Even more difficult so we want to make sure we support our members. We go to work every day save lives and -- many lives were saved on July 6. However. I don't want to take away at -- from the loss of the three lives. -- It certainly does there within about twenty minutes after -- -- reports that the plane crash and see the airfield let's who has -- there was a lot of debris amidst the aircraft scattered all around so. It was it was it is a difficult challenging scene. -- No I didn't -- that -- but again that's those are all aspects of the investigation we'll cover it. So I'm not a legal expert so I can't comment on that. They're playing. So I think and it's a bit legacy we recommit to continue to examine our our response that day. Could we have done something different faced with the challenges we had in terms of passengers still on an aircraft that was involved in flames Leeson and his part of the aircraft. And the need to actually get to. The flames suppress those planes we had fuel leaking it was a very volatile dangerous situation. In light of the corners findings fitted to the one victim to the absolutely we will take a look at our protocols -- procedures. We want to work with and we will continue to work with NTSB. So we -- there's always room for us to be able to evaluate any improve. Our response like I said I I do still want to underscore and this is a very sensitive matter. In the great work that continues by the men and women of our department. It's very unfortunate news today -- however many many lives were saved and we made a valiant effort to it to do so Angeles. What are they never -- the airport there's just under a hundred I think 96 members assigned to the airport about thirty worked for day of the three stations. The series is international airport they have specialized training. And they go through annual training. At a minimum and then within -- this stations there's there's regular training every day that takes place. Not applying the phone but. But certainly there's a different strategy and tactics used as opposed to structural firefighting allow Linspire -- identified -- -- -- aircrafts all of those. Members assigned to the airport specialized training. So again we're getting into aid to areas that. That I can't comment on that yet so we're. I have not reviewed what we call anyone. Can treat everyone who responded to the incident is in the process of completing if they haven't already opposed incident report all of those will be looked at -- -- scrutinized them and determine. If there's anything that we may have changed given again the challenges that we face that -- I think that would be speculative at this point that at this at this very moment no I considered it tragic accident. -- So yes and again I day appreciate as -- the mayor -- and every one that has worked closely with sanity accounting. Firefighters police officers and certainly the coroner's -- his job was very difficult. We contacted me yesterday afternoon. Very difficult to hear and devastating heartbroken. Is this is not a lot of words to describe. So badly we feel sorry we feel about it. But nevertheless we continue it our mission to save lives and property and and we will evaluate you know our our. Strategies and tactics that day which in general we're very effective in. In getting 304 passengers safely off that plane -- music through -- -- three seven. There have. -- -- I think all of us I would express on behalf of all the members that. It was an extremely. Good you know extraordinary circumstances that we responded to it an emotional period of time. And it after this I had planted to visit the airport to talk to -- that are working today with some of the members of my staff. Two. Agree with them if you well it's also -- continue to support their efforts in what they do -- -- -- the day. Is sudden I'm more than willing to it to meet with the family and if they have questions or concerns. Obviously those will be addressed. And then pretty much greater wrap up I do want to get to the members of the airport thank you have -- -- very much. I think everybody Robert. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I guess help you determine these. There's fire -- prison examination revealed that she was still alive which -- citizens. Can be viewed here. Reuters. In respect to the family -- -- comment on the specifics parts of the investigation or injuries it's not. We're not insert him into the standards customers responding. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Of the -- will be able to determine that happened. She has crushing injuries that are consistent with a motor vehicle if there was another incident -- Period typical of this time to you know. Find out which ones those were. It's difficult to find out which if there was another event prior to her being in contact with the motor vehicle. She was alive. When she received injuries that. Status being thrown from a plane is being as his backfield we don't know how she got to where she's -- -- -- Knowing -- know what I just thought I don't know what time of the incident happened that's part of this serves as the police department's investigation. No they have not passed the C devices. This particular questions and these people have about places -- to your question -- -- -- -- -- From internal hemorrhage -- I'm not elaborate. Significant -- I'm not gonna come -- as far as here's a -- police department's investigation. Thank you very much.

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{"id":19715250,"title":"Asiana Airlines Crash: Foam Cited in Rescue Vehicle Death","duration":"2:26","description":"Officials reveal crash victim was struck by a firetruck while awaiting rescue following crash.","url":"/US/video/asiana-airlines-crash-coroner-confirms-victim-run-rescue-19715250","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}