Couple rescued from ice cave were on the brink of death

The survivors open up about their ordeal and rescue from a Wyoming cave.
3:32 | 08/15/18

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Transcript for Couple rescued from ice cave were on the brink of death
Now we go to a terrifying story but won the has a happy ending. A couple was rescued after being stuck in an ice cave for two days and ABC's came to whitworth. Is in Idaho Falls, Idaho to give us the latest details their Cain act. How does this couple even find themselves in this position to begin when. Alone I Jessica and Spencer Chrissie Anson lived here in Idaho Falls, Idaho. They are extremely adventure as they love the outdoors and their experienced climbers. Buys when they decided to celebrate Spencer's birthday by going to the Darby ice caves they truly never thought that they would be in a fight for their lives. So they were prepared they had done their research they had their gear but ultimately they got lots became trapped inside the cave. These conditions in the case it's so cool that they both had frost bite there'll hypothermic. There oranges in their packs froze solid so they could eat them. It's so dark that they couldn't keep their hands in front of their faces that they were using their head lamps but conserving battery whenever they. It was an absolutely terrifying experience for the both of them and when I sat down to talk with them. Jessica really put things in perspective says take a look at what she had to say. I've been a hard time in the last few days. You kind of shut everything else you turn it all off because you don't have enough energy to panic. Weighing it down there and it kind of comes to you later for sure but. It's really scary to think that your leaving child with no pants. And no way and it's really cold and it's pretty scary if he's good at first there. And we knew we only had about an hour or two before we wouldn't it. So that was scary Lee they risk everything got really wet just a mixture we could find out we tried. It was the wrong way and it was pretty disappointing in the skin correspondent got to was when Spencer. Was scared. I had total faith in him the whole time to get me out of there beau and I saw how scared he was and knew that it was probably the end for us. Wallis the hardest part. Let's terrifying. To think that you you're leaving your kid alone with no parents. The couple truly feared they would never see their one year old daughter again they say ultimately thinking about her is what. Hold them through this whole ordeal is that when they started to get tired panicked or freezing actually would take breaks to do workouts just to get their blood pumping. They were also soaking wet because the water the ice cold water was moving through the cape the entire time. One of the things that kept them alive with a filtration strong that they used to drink water. They also decided to burn one of their acts to try and stay warm these are the things that kept them thing. Jessica's mom alerted authorities and the couples and return since they rescued them as they say they were on the brink of death it happened just in time. Rescuers say they get at minimum ten called a year to go into that case so they have trained for something like that extensively. Which helped them get the couple out alive. The truly a life changing experience for them although alone it's value. They told me they would actually. Consider going back and doing it again. Now that they know how sick and maneuver through that case. That sounds like a harrowing experience the camp we've they'd be willing to go back.

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{"duration":"3:32","description":"The survivors open up about their ordeal and rescue from a Wyoming cave.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57199011","title":"Couple rescued from ice cave were on the brink of death","url":"/US/video/couple-rescued-ice-cave-brink-death-57199011"}