COVID-19 cases rise in Alabama since reopening

Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin on new guidelines to fight COVID-19.
3:23 | 05/21/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for COVID-19 cases rise in Alabama since reopening
Alabama's state health officer says the states cope in nineteen numbers are not as good as they could hope for those comments following the State's reopening this month. Joining us now with the front line fight on the ground there in Birmingham Alabama. Mayor Randall would fit mayor within thanks for being with us and I know that since the reopening. There has been yes a rise in coded cases in your state capital Montgomery hospitals have now reached a critical point that city's mayor saying yesterday. Overflow cases are now going to be. Re routed to hospitals with you there in Birmingham how concerned are you about the impact they may have on your residence. Alliant concern innocence date one. I'm what we try to do strike a balance between old crisis in RC and economic crisis. And every decision we made is that in conjunction with. I'm helps cure all of us our health cure all this year as well as he wouldn't be old systems which store or hospital based. And what we have to do not only saved lives for program community script. As well as group to prevent a run on our hospitals and so with that information coming out Montgomery ousting concert when their recount here. But I'm hoping that we can solve this by making sure we do better things to protect un around Birmingham and our values as well. Yeah and and speaking to that this week several graduation went on. With near Birmingham as planned a major with thousands of people gathering there despite the fear the virus spreading you see there graduate with a mask on. What's your reaction to that. Well. No every community newspaper I think what I don't think you do is over communicate to residents or am at this. Co nineteen ending is not over. Just in the last seven day stared in over 230. Case is tested positive here and and our county. Nineteen deaths in the last certain dates in our county. We have to be diligent we is we take you seriously. And with nearly all businesses mayor there in Alabama reopen we are seeing you have a plan to help keep people safe in areas with large numbers of bars and restaurants what is that. We're calling in our streets and what we're doing is is shutting down all of our streets I'm Narsai our proximity a lot of these. Our restaurants and other places where people gather. Make sure that there is intentional social distancing. I'm balance. People doing sacred come out but at the same time making sure that there's not mean strict. And I know you've been talking a church leaders also in your area to trying come up with a plan for re opening services people really needing their feet more than ever. These days what's been the outcome of those talks. Listen the biggest single arm he thing in Alabama co relate and amateurs experience we know that insurers. Aren't it is 100% community it will all hands shake hands on it singing show up. And these are things you can each spring. And so our conversation since March has been directly to our state leaders. You're your church grow on your your place at saint is that not one possibility in the spring outside nursing homes. We'll Birmingham mayor Randall would then we publicly thank you for all that you've done for your community in that you continue to do and thank you for being with us today. Thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:23","description":"Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin on new guidelines to fight COVID-19.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70810797","title":"COVID-19 cases rise in Alabama since reopening","url":"/US/video/covid-19-cases-rise-alabama-reopening-70810797"}