COVID-19 testing and tracking most important going forward

Testing large amounts of people and doing contact tracing, which is finding and isolating anyone who has been in contact with someone who has coronavirus, are main focuses.
4:55 | 04/15/20

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Transcript for COVID-19 testing and tracking most important going forward
As we look to return to some semblance of normalcy testing may be V most important thing to help get us there and not just testing the testing on a large scale work. Anyone who wants a test can truly get one which is something that we really haven't seen. Since the outbreak began another big factor will be something called contact tracing trying to find an isolate anyone who's been in contact with someone. Who has cove in nineteen. So what are we stand on all that right now ABC's chief national correspondent Matt Gutman has a closer look. Tonight amid fears of a second wave of the virus the nation's largest antibody test. 38000. Employees at Beaumont health center in Michigan started screening to see who has covad antibodies. In could be immune. The CDC director saying these tests need to be in place ahead of the next spike emergency workers getting them in California. It was discern that you'll be over the the apex of the curve they're worried about. A spike again downstream. And now emerging a case of a virus possibly striking twice. -- boom he became infected in March she had mild symptoms and was believed to have made a full recovery testing negative about a week ago. But on Monday she died from Covert nineteen. In 1918 the Spanish flu first struck in March it then subsided. It second wave far more deadly than the first the pandemic ultimately killing more than fifty million people worldwide. If we do something stupid. You will see those numbers go right back up tomorrow. Perry and across the country tonight in experimental plasma treatment allowing patients who had the virus and recovered to donate their blood. It's now being fast tracked by the FDA. Randy spires is in critical condition. He's daughter is begging for someone to donate plasma deceive him. I hate that there are axed her but it is our next. There are indications the treatment may work. Jimmy Haynes wife dropped him off at the hospital on April 2. 8:7 o'clock at night he is on the ventilator I did not expect that. He's been into baited since last Thursday he got the plasma treatment and on Monday he was able to give his wife actually that thumbs up. He's doctors now say he might be taken off the ventilator today if you could talk to that first governor what would you say there. Because I don't know what day. Other thing you and I don't like being hit its record not. How I feel. And I come and joins us now lively format as we just saw plasma donations can be a big factor. In helping people recover tell us more about that. It's an experimental treatment right in the we don't know for certain whether it works these are only anecdotal instances some people getting the plasma treatment it seems to work for them. This has been tried before as. Early as 1918 over a hundred years ago to try to treat the Spanish flu. Any indications were that it did have some success in the treatment of people who had that flu. But all viruses act differently and there needs to be a lot more peer reviewed study before we know that this is the silver bullet they can help treat. Cope in nineteen. Again there is no known treatment so far the only thing everybody's waiting for. Is that vaccine Nancy. Certainly waiting for the vaccine and that you just spoke with California governor Newsom and a few minutes ago ways sounds like it was a very sobering conversation. About the reality of just what it may take for that state to return to normal share a little bit about what he said. In no Lizzie was or is it. A discussion that was billed as opening up the state plans for opening up the state of California the fifth biggest economy in the world but. What it really was was the governor explaining to the people and and to me in our conversation about. How things are really not going to change this not normal is going to persist social distancing is here to stay restaurants may start to open by. Not to go to concerts not to be amusing Clark's kids are not gonna go to camp and they go back to school. September 8 her late August when people start to do that they're going to be in staggered classes. Nothing is going to be the same in this state until there is either herd immunity which is unlikely or a vaccine. He understands that this is going to crater the economy he is aware they're ready for a two point seven million people who filed for unemployment just in the past. 32 days but this is about saving lives in you take the foot off the the brake pedal on. Kobe to social. Distancing and he says this. This virus is gonna spike back up and it's just not something he's willing to do right now. Also this. New normal may not be normal and home that tuchman for us. Live in California thanks.

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{"duration":"4:55","description":"Testing large amounts of people and doing contact tracing, which is finding and isolating anyone who has been in contact with someone who has coronavirus, are main focuses.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70152146","title":"COVID-19 testing and tracking most important going forward","url":"/US/video/covid-19-testing-tracking-important-forward-70152146"}