Crews work to keep New York City streets and sidewalks clear as winter storm hits

ABC News' Elizabeth Hur shows the progress made clearing snow in New York City.
4:26 | 03/14/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Crews work to keep New York City streets and sidewalks clear as winter storm hits
Let's get the latest right now what's happening right here in New York City ABC's own lives hurt. Is live for us and can give us the latest on the conditions outside and how things are looking. Liz what's gone on out there. I'm a good afternoon to you we actually been out here since about. 3 AM and so for about the last eight hours we've been tracking and monitoring the situation at a front. Overnight we were looking at all know right now it's a mix of snow and sleet. And what you see here this art that as you can see and we out here would this. All morning thinking perhaps this might come in handy but take a look where we are standing here on the sidewalk. Nothing to measure work. Though I have to tell you is a testament to the crews who have been out here. It's around 4:5 this morning shoveling. And using their snow blowers to make sure this sidewalk is clear of any snow so how much snow did we get out here well. This and thought that's no that's been plowed and shoveled off on of the sidewalk so I'm not gonna measure this but this car has been out here for as long as we have been. And I'm go feel like this deed this. And I don't know if you can see Eric. But he it measures about nine inches and based on our latest weather email that we got from our weather after. A round where they said I'm about two hours ago they and we New York City got about. Half a foot of snow and they were expecting maybe or three inches more. Nine in turn that around where we are and so has the situation is concerned. I don't know what can be sure the streets I know I'm being. Very greedy red can we go over to the street but my photographer is working with me here and I'm a lot of ball this street. They have been allowed and we about lights out and already. And plowed and as the condition is concerned how we're looking very. Heavy wet stuff here so were dealing with no and I mentioned on top of that we have this fleet which. We have people walking carefully bite hurt. Being here but let's according to forecaster is very dangerous stuff that drivers have to deal with as a not only are forecasters warning people to stay vigilant. Officials enter you just heard premier wants you here but a governor's. All across the region. Fueling with the meth. Asking people to stay inside. Anymore. This is dangerous let the crude dude your job green don't want this up so that perhaps. Perhaps as early as tomorrow people can get back to work. Liz is repay their life goes on in New York City people just out and about walking the sidewalks pocket and kind of cameras lineup but you raise a really good point there you are able to stand safely on the sidewalk because of all those folks who've been out there since the early morning hours plowing and shoveling insulting and we just turn it. Mayor to block the of their say they want to go out and do another round assaulting on all the roads overnight because tomorrow. It's when there's a new potential danger right. Yeah I absolutely. In fact all of this afternoon the point of -- story is that. Even though we're now looking at a mix of snow in Lee said and perhaps looking out your window it might look pretty and perhaps less than men I think. The man fits that officials are trying to get across here is. They still concerned and that is because with falling temperatures all of this is gonna turn into ice and bear. Closely monitoring the situation and they say. I get stay inside because the danger out here is not over yet. Lists are out there since three in them warning for that bringing us the latest up to the streets and near fittingly it. When you get inside I promise I will let you go after this question. What are you most looking forward to now. You know earlier I did ask for a cup of hot chocolate. Now. Hot bowl of chicken you know through sound so perfect injury. On that community got happen. You know what I will I will do my best we will gather the full resource that the ABC news. Just for you please do get inside and stay warm and thank you so much for your reporting out there for us Elizabeth her. Live in New York City for us.

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{"id":46125206,"title":"Crews work to keep New York City streets and sidewalks clear as winter storm hits","duration":"4:26","description":"ABC News' Elizabeth Hur shows the progress made clearing snow in New York City.","url":"/US/video/crews-work-york-city-streets-sidewalks-clear-winter-46125206","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}