Criminal Charges Filed Against 4 Suspects in Facebook Live Assault Case

The four suspects are facing hate crime charges, among others.
4:45 | 01/05/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Criminal Charges Filed Against 4 Suspects in Facebook Live Assault Case
Let me be very clear. Actions in that video. I reprehensible. That along with racism. Have absolutely no place in the city of Chicago. Or anywhere else for that matter against anyone. Regardless of their race. Gender. State of mental health or any other identifying factor I'm pleased to announce that the investigation has concluded. And charges have been approved by the Cook County State's attorney for hate crimes. Aggravated kidnapping. Aggravated unlawful restraint. And aggravated battery with the deadly weapon against all four of the offenders and. Custody are victim in this case I'm. Was dropped off on the 31 December. Ice parents that area McDonald's and string would Illinois. He was to meet his friend there. Jordan Hill who actually ends up being offenders in this case. When he was dropped off it was under the premise that he would be spending the night. With this. With his friend so his parents should form until the next day. And subsequently reported missing in stream what. Did. He comes to Chicago. He's at McDonald's and Jordan Hill goes and steals the in in stream would he then picks up our victim. Who has no knowledge that the stolen he assumed its Jordan's they drive to the west side of Chicago. Where they basically your drive around and visiting friends for the next two days. Victims sleeps in the end. In the morning the 3 January they go to the actress Lexington. Which is where two of the other three offenders can preside two sisters. And then the about several hours later Antonia. Him and start the solved. He is able to escape. When. A downstairs neighbor calls the police complaining that all the noise upstairs. The police respond. And the two female offenders. Now go downstairs they're angry that police were called. They kick in the door of that apartment and steer bull charged with the burglary. That gives our victim an opportunity to get out. And and he's observed walking down street by our. Eleventh district officers. Officer Michael. Explains how can happen upon him. All other all. There are perfect. With tort mills. At which time I observed him wearing a tank top and sat out backwards. Jean shorts and sandals on. He was bloodied he was better and do due to cold weather conditions. I fortune for fuel their view. At which time after talking him. He didn't seem like he was. He was feared as this can buy deleted. He was injured he was confused and at which time I called and it's. I let them with two other officers officers at Ganske and officer Conan. On the can. And you my investigation. I let them with them which revealed that he was missing and endangered indiscriminately. They cut it trim with pleas and conduct an investigation. Which revealed that put the puzzles pieces of the puzzle together for all we have right now it appears the the fight. And then. Prior to him being bound tied up and and and assaulted. The victim tells us he got into play fight with Jordan. And escalated from there. Two female offenders then. Who are obviously. Mean you can see on video that are smoking. Cigars which we presume to be blogs. They then get aggravated at him and that's when they tie him up and that's. The racial slurs and the the deference to his mental capacities starts common now. That's primarily one of the reasons they were charged with eight. It appears that he was in that physical position tied up in the corner for about 45 hours. Will we have no other video but which we have the statements of the four of them I mean they emit that they were beating him. Kicking him entry. Toward that water. Obviously video where they're cutting peace scale.

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{"duration":"4:45","description":"The four suspects are facing hate crime charges, among others.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"44581549","title":"Criminal Charges Filed Against 4 Suspects in Facebook Live Assault Case","url":"/US/video/criminal-charges-filed-suspects-facebook-live-assault-case-44581549"}