Crisis in Puerto Rico: Earthquakes, pandemic and water shortage

The island still recovering from Hurricane Maria faces new challenges as those who live there fight for a better future.
8:01 | 07/07/20

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Transcript for Crisis in Puerto Rico: Earthquakes, pandemic and water shortage
Now to the ongoing crisis in Puerto Rico is just can't seem to catch a break the island was still recovering from hurricane Maria. Then facing a barrage of earthquakes. Then the pandemic hit now they have a water shortage to deal list. We talked with people on the island who increasingly feel their government has abandoned them. A yeah. Pursuing Mendez this is becoming all to simulate earthquakes and aftershocks over and over again yeah. Dingell in 24 hours there were twenty tried tremors are Mendez is just one of thousands of people displaced due to more than 9000 earthquakes that have hit Puerto Rico in the last six months. Forced to live an attend due to damage to her home she says she and other victims continue to see more destruction as the ground continues to shake. And all live in fear of what happens when the next big one hits. We don't believe we worried at another quake could hopping and they are happening every day. Those fears are made worse by the sense that they've been left to fend for themselves. I can't at this event ever since January 7 not a single government agency has visitors to see how we're doing here it's just the latest in a series of disasters that continue to hit the vulnerable island I get from his debt crisis hurricane Maria to earthquakes and Kobe nineteen. And now a water poured us each new crisis piles on the last making recovery from any of them that much more difficult. But up and then entering a condemning they tell you can't leave your house that that but during an earthquake they tell you need to leave your house. Even. Teacher Marilyn Mallorca says it's a phenomenon she's seen over and over again through her nonprofit island ct in early January she and her teamed arrived at an earthquake camp ready to provide the kids there with an education. But quickly realized they needed so much more. It is leading hard pressed. Teach their children Sheridan or its. Coming to try to teach them lessons on how does Allen do math and what you found they needed the absolute basics is Barrett. Basics. And announced just. You needn't sadness it's a agree soiled. Body suits and it was not and it is. See. And impoverished nations. And in the afternoon. Rather than give up may or the put out a call for help and her network answered within a week she was back teaching in an earthquake camp. This time equipped with two donated solar showers and donated solar lights. But it sounds like yeah your organization is providing some much more then just an education these kids and for these elements. And an easy it's teaching. And went back by our third or fourth class. How want to go that the Clinton giants hit me yeah. The and I thirty seconds. And that's good citizen I want the or cans. Access to water. Eat ants asking as possible because. It's still despite me org is determination once called it officially hit the island island corner was forced to suspend their program. Amateur the last thing we we're teaching. Every single student what's current what I saw it we come anymore. Because we want to hear about. It's weeks it's your help. Currently Puerto Rico's Health Department is reporting over 2000 confirmed covad nineteen infections. And more than 6500. Possible cases went. Epidemiologist doctor Melissa Marchand this has been another crisis with people of Puerto Rico are not getting the help they Neal you let the CE. Every. Injured and that we. V brands. Carry out. All right crap there is I'm. Uses the phrase. He asked me here's a quick survey and perhaps that's been proud to be eight cents. Also we and congregation Clinton Islamic cleric XP yeah but thirty. Because at that eat any other stabbings burns we need to say. How where it attacks. He and many have also questioned the government numbers after admitted inaccuracies in April. And while Mars on says the data seems more reliable now he still worried amassing the island continues to re opened despite a lack of projections on future kings. Is a one. Being that you think artery or need right now more than anything else. And even we need all the information. Week in any era. We. And we need. From bill's reach Curtis. Or so that. Have you heard Sarah because we are all being any and all of its CD. We are very hairy behind it intends. Occasionally. Oh in brittle. Or. I'm an Asian. But as the island struggles to cope with the physical ramifications of these crises there are also taking a mental told. As evident in a recent mental health survey. Parents are. T telly or is. We already had a reading it. Are. There was I looked at. It's part of the reason minorities says getting Puerto Rico's kids back in school is so important but it's also so difficult. And teaching the one SE Ali we want to start schools as well. Well so that transit. Your army units sold. That teachers it's still it's wrong. He of the NF persona. Most people don't have computers in their homes they don't have Internet and actually I relied on this phone to do all the work. And I asked myself what I don't those who don't have anything and how are they going to do it. Some of the sport that report and hear all the irony so excited if there is adding that nobody wants to talk about his. Anybody wants me Larry is it wild or a but the issue why we and it is occasions. Acts of terror. Is her warehouses where you feel helpless. Move and I don't feel plus the always duties on her latest initiative forest schools we're gonna be the first. Florence school and it's hard very wary. Our school. So what does that mean that means that we're at it and Doris so it's non students. No more than ten points and I think that's the way perhaps the well. To Doris. Or any excellent Sharon's. We need lots and lots of teachers and people. With all the talent and natural bridges Puerto Rico had to offer she says the island may be facing an uphill battle. But she's thrilled let's hope for its future and what went. And in the top and no longer they do not trust the government yeah nobody else everybody knows he thought it by an. And we MacWorld and construct. We ain't what. But that sorts it Sam asked horse. Happy day and the men fans yeah. And we did reach out to the governor's press office about this report but received no response.

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{"duration":"8:01","description":"The island still recovering from Hurricane Maria faces new challenges as those who live there fight for a better future.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71641104","title":"Crisis in Puerto Rico: Earthquakes, pandemic and water shortage","url":"/US/video/crisis-puerto-rico-earthquakes-pandemic-water-shortage-71641104"}