Cruise ship victim's son and daughter speak out

The son and daughter of a woman who mysteriously died aboard a cruise ship speak out exclusively to ABC News.
2:16 | 11/20/18

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Transcript for Cruise ship victim's son and daughter speak out
And now to that ABC news exclusive with the family of an American woman who mysteriously died on a cruise ship. She was reportedly seen struggling with a man just moments before falling to her death Victor and oh. Is in Miami now after speaking with her children Victor what are they saying about this. Dog Diane it was definitely emotional it's now been a week since a morose it's an Oreo fell to her death aboard that princess cruise ship in the Caribbean. Her children they say that they want justice and the truth we heard. From her son and daughter Casey that she wasn't a big cruiser but she was hesitant about this trip. Daily telling us the 52 year old woman was a loving mother and grandmother of volunteer teachers it. According to our children. Their parents were working on their relationship any felt like this week long cruise would help but apparently almost show was very nervous. My mom did not want to go in this case she did not like. Blankley should an hour on ago she knew something was gonna happen. The night before they left my mom hugged me feeling good five minutes them and I was like us kind of curious though like while looks along. And then I answered and Sheila said one my beer less than you get from me. The FBI into Ruben police say there are no new suspects in their investigation. Into how she plummeted fourteen stories on to a lifeboat according to local reports witnesses say the shooting struggling with an unidentified male and the 52 year old was traveling with her husband Leo tutorial at the time or Ruben officials tell us that he was question. But as a witness and is not considered a suspect. In a statement to ABC news Leo said he hopes to treat the memory of her with respect adding that her death will haunt him forever Timothy Terry of the sun. Also telling us he believed his father always wanted the best for his mother calling him a supportive husband. Both of her children Diane they just want answers. Very eerie that she seemed to have some sort of foreshadowing. Of what was to come here Victor what's next for the investigation at this point. Well they've completed a forensic investigation they've also completed an autopsy but they have not released the results yet just calling her death. Unnatural so still so many questions unanswered here Diane right Victor candor from Miami thanks Victor.

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{"duration":"2:16","description":"The son and daughter of a woman who mysteriously died aboard a cruise ship speak out exclusively to ABC News. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59319891","title":"Cruise ship victim's son and daughter speak out","url":"/US/video/cruise-ship-victims-son-daughter-speak-59319891"}