DACA workers on the health care front lines

DACA health care workers worry about their status amid coronavirus pandemic.
4:51 | 04/16/20

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Transcript for DACA workers on the health care front lines
As we've been reporting it's all hands on deck at hospitals and clinics across the country these days but as governor's call for reinforcements thousands of health care workers in the US under the dock a program face the possibility of losing their jobs and even getting deported. If a critical Supreme Court decision doesn't go their way in the coming weeks here's ABC's Devin Dwyer. I've been working since 6:30 this morning. It is great note 1230 and nine aides for Florida paramedic although Martinez. Long days in high stress are the new normal. Or about eighteen hours of core Terkel. Mary Keenan CNN ninth cheeks the remnants. From the mask armed that a 95 mask so we have to Wear. Martinez is one of an estimated nearly 30000. Immigrant physicians nurses technicians and aids with US work permits through daka. The program started by President Obama that grants temporary legal status to undocumented immigrants who came. US as children and Martinez was born in Mexico. Somebody for me Samuel Lewis having a heart attack or stroke Byrd had just had an accident. And now we had 37000 people less responsive those kinds of emergencies. Didn't use them something through the room goes immigrant workers on the front line now facing an uncertain future. The president trump cancel docket 2017. Threatening to end work permits and worse can it. 650000. He enrolled in the program. Every day and we got uncertainty not aren't talking and or any deported and not hard reality. Denise Rojas is a medical student at mount Sinai now helping cove in patients in New York City. Did you notice that the steering model I can be at how in this crisis and that's how to keep doing. In Rhode Island that passion driving dock a recipient Chris year Rivera. A thirty year med student at brown. I had been hoping and my local department of house. Publications huge test positive and calm their close contacts make sure that they're doing well. Any California there's Dr. new letter bonk scored. The first undocumented immigrant to graduate from the University of California San Francisco medical school. It is just yet another example. Powell. Immigrants particularly undocumented immigrants certainly got recipients. Continue to you show up and do. What we had. To be a part. This country. Defeated doctor and that's essential health workers that rely on it rests here at the supreme court's closed during the pandemic but the justices. Expected to hand down a decision any day if. This Supreme Court would upholds a decision to cancel daka. And my daka ends. In our August when he when he I will be left with the question now whether or not we will complete my residency training. Doctor let a bonk scored and other darker recipients have written the justices to factor the pandemic into their imminent decision. And throw a lifeline to immigrants are on the front lines. Actually I'm not I get some did it better. To sit ticket showed. Every doctor out and out patients yeah. And I am condemning I guess they are a lot more. The departments of justice and Homeland Security both declined comment to ABC news on the role of dock or recipients responding to Kobe's nineteen and whether they studied the impact Indian daka would have on the US health system. Symbol wanna. How. Are not. I'm. I. The president says docket is unconstitutional. Congress could enact a solution but is repeatedly failed to do so. That leaves the Supreme Court in the tricky spot of deciding what's next. They need to understand where we are. Essential that we. Are productive and we provide for this country for the people they love for Cuba we look up. Please for empathy and understanding. If the Supreme Court decides to eliminate her grand. Congress'. Legislation or ask it would my ear his position as. So much on the line well the fight against covad nineteen. Goes on. And continued seeing Santa lung along with my community and and just hope for the best because some forms that's I'm sorry this is hope. For ABC news live I'm Devin Dwyer in Washington. Really important story line there are thanks to DeVon it.

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{"duration":"4:51","description":"DACA health care workers worry about their status amid coronavirus pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70174841","title":"DACA workers on the health care front lines","url":"/US/video/daca-workers-health-care-front-lines-70174841"}