Dallas Police Shed Light on Gunman's Possible Motives

Chief David Brown provides details on alleged motives for the shooting that killed five officers.
23:39 | 07/08/16

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Transcript for Dallas Police Shed Light on Gunman's Possible Motives
This is an ABC news special report. We're coming on the air now with the latest on that devastating news from Dallas last night at a peaceful protests about this week's deadly police shooting shots did ring out. Snipers firing police officers five have died. Seven officers injured. Two civilians were hurt as well that is the mayor of Dallas right there are one of the shooters has been killed by police and three suspects in custody let's listen to than there. That Jenkins. Want to thank the FBI I want to thank the governor lieutenant governor of flu and last night. The president called me from Poland. And all you're. And commentators have wished us well. And are praying for us and I wanna say from from our. Our heart we feel that and so thank you. I am now gonna tell you some. Not good news for you reporters. And that is we've got a criminal investigation going on. And our number one job. Is to make sure the citizens of Dallas are safe. So when I can tell you anything about the suspects and when I can answer any questions on that. We will when it it's the right time. Now's not the right time. But a lot has happened. In the last. Five or 67 hours since we talked yes it was so early in the morning. And I want cheap ground to give you an update on that. I'm proud of him he's been working. So hard these last few hours. We've been with families and we've been. Trying to make sure that the city is safe this morning and I believe that this chief brown. Thank you may have. We're hurting. Our profession is. Hurting. Dallas officers are hurting. We are. Heartbroken. There are no words to describe. The atrocity did occur. To our city. All I know is that this. This must stop. This device sickness. Between our police and our citizens. To update you on. What's transpired since we last spoke. Let me Walt who. The standoff. That had occurred of that was occurring. L city girl on the second floor. The college fair in downtown Dallas. We cornered one suspect. And we tried to negotiate for several hours. Negotiations broke down we had an exchange of gunfire with the suspect. We saw no other option. But to use our. Bomber bomb robot. And place a device. On the it it is its extension. For it to detonate. What a suspect was. Other options. Would expose officers to great danger. The suspect. Is deceased. As a result. Of that and detonating the bomb. The reporting that the suspect. Killed himself is not accurate. We've confirmed. That he's been deceased because of the detonation of the bomb. Our hostage negotiator. Did an exceptional job. Getting this suspect to talk before. He died. Doing their hours of negotiating. That eventually broke down. Now a share with you some of the comments from the suspect. The suspects say it. He was upset. About black last matter. He said he was upset about the recent police shootings. The Sus books say he was upset that white people. The suspect stated he wants to kill white people especially white officers. The suspect stated he will eventually that we will eventually find the ED's. The suspects stating he was not affiliated. With any groups. And he stated that he did. This. Alone. The suspect said other things dead. A part of this investigation so that we can make sure. That everyone associated with this. Tragic event. Is brought to justice. So as the mayor say we won't expand going. Any further on what other suspects. We have interviewed on looked at other status. Until we get further into. This investigation and get closer to a conclusion. What. On whom. All involved. But let me just say. Just some closing comments about. Dallas police officers. Indoor league so. Some of the bravest men and women. You'd ever want to be associated way. You see video footage at the video footage of them running toward. Gunfire. From an elevated position with no chance. To protect themselves. And to put themselves in harm's way. To make sure citizens. King get to a place. Of security. So please join me in. Applauding. These brave men and women. Who. Do this job under great scrutiny. Under great vulnerability who. Literally. Risked their lives. To protect our democracy. And we don't feel much. Support. Most days. Let's not make today. Most days. Please. We need your support. To be able to protect. You from me in like these. Who carried out this tragic tragic. Event. Pray for these families. A spoke with the families of the deceased in the injured. They are not have an of that. Time trying to deal of the soul of this trying to understand why. And they need to prayers. So please join us in helping. Us comfort. The grieving officers' families. And I trust that soon. Cause we're working very diligently in processing the crime scene finding. To find evidence. To bring any other suspects to justice that we're part of this. But please pray for our strength. Through this trying town thank you. I want to add that. There or public safety officials. That. Protect our cities and our institutions. All across America every day that aren't police officers. And we lost one of those last night. A dart officer. Was one of the victims. And I want to just take a moment and say the professionalism the dart organization whose great. And I appreciate. Better. School police officers. Campus. College police officers. Standing shoulder to shoulder with our police officers and that's the way we work. A cheap brown told the victims'. Families last night in the police officers that he was a man of faith. And I'm a man of faith to. And that we need prayers. And prayers go out. So today at 12 o'clock. At thanks giving square. A leadership group of interfaith ministers. Will be lead it's leading us in that prayer. I would ask. That if you're at your home. For a cure office. Torture school. To join us today at noon and that spirit of prayer. To bring our city together. And our country together. To heal old wounds. And not create them. Thank you. Do me any questions that we're. Not off limits. The injured officers have. Most of them of it released. There are some that will need follow up. On the home goings in detail level of what types of injuries their families are being very private for obvious reasons right now. But again. Excuse me. Was the questions or written. Yes there are doing better some of the released some some some other status is that they're still needing. More. Treatment. But they're being very private about. Any for the details about their health. So we have to be right 100% of time in the way we police this city. Suspects like this have to be right once. They don't have to work very hard. To do cowardly acts like this. To snipe that. Our officers from elevated positions at two ambushed him. From secretive positions. Around corners. All that homework is enough we're not. This. City has shown great support for his response to smearing councils city manager's office of support is so department in these officers and we've expected that to continue. And in this community on born and raised here. Dallas'. A great city. All officers. Will continue. To put it themselves in homes way to protect. These great citizens. Almost worthwhile. I want to brag just for a second for further. If anybody hasn't heard say this. This police department trained in dias collection escalation. Far beaten before. Cities across America did it. Word we are one of the premier communities. Of policing. It's cities in the country and this year. We have the few is police. Officer related shootings in then EB large city in America. So. We are working hard to improve. And there's always room. For improvements. But we are best in class we feel. A. I know I'm not gonna be satisfied until week. Turned away every stone. We've got some level that this one suspect did do some of the shooting but we're not satisfied that we've. Exhausted every lead and we're not going to be satisfied to every lead is exhausted so if they're someone's out they're deals associated with this we will find. And we will prosecute. And we will bring you to justice. We're not counting parts expanding on who or how many. We were going to keep these suspects guessing. I'm know what cheap ground make any strategic decisions. But I think it's important for. Citizens to realize that we. We want to give everybody a fair freedom of speech we've been through several protests. In the last five or six years. And they've all gone in the safe manner. But the chief makes decisions. And at times it. That. People could be critical of he escalated. Too much. You put too much body armor. If were all being critical of those things. Just think about today. This is what you're risking if you don't do it right. And so from phone policy standpoint. We are we believe in the right to protest peacefully and did these were peaceful protest. Till this happen. But we also have to believe. He keeping our police officer safe. And I know I'm going to redouble my efforts on that. Again not this won't expand on the mayor's comments police officers on the audience of this great democracy the freedom of to protest freedom of speech and freedom for expression. All freedoms we fight for without lives. Is what you see is what makes us who we are as Americans. It's so we risk alas for those rights. And so we won't militarized. Are policing standards. But we will do a much safer. Why every time but like we chose to do it this time we had an adequate amount off the at this scene. And we were blocking traffic into and all the things to protect people's right to protest. And in their free speech. We are not gonna let a coward. Who would ambush. Police officers. Change our democracy. We're not gonna do. Our city. Our country. Is better than that. A all of those questions of would just be speculation to answer. We can't get into the head of a person that would do something like this we negotiated with this person they seemed lucid. No negotiation. He he wanted to kill officers. And he expressed killing white people. He expressed killing white officers. He expressed anger. Four black last matter. None of that makes sense none of that is the reason a legitimate reason. To do harmony anyone. So the rest of it would just be speculating on what his motivations were we just know what he's saying it. That's way sipped our negotiators. Guys thank you re still have a lot of work to do we're gonna work that. Lot of information there from the mayor of Dallas Mike Rawlings a police chief David Brown for saying they would not talk about the suspects. That thing going into great detail about the shooter who was killed by police after several hours of negotiations according to police chief. A last night he was killed by a bomb robot. Those exploded in the vicinity of where the shooter was the shooter. Said before he was killed the use of set about the black was matter movement that he wanted to kill white people especially. White officers being placed IUDs. Around that area although police so far found no explosives lot of questions be answered. Right now let's throw dragged yarder former special agent FBI special agent on ABC news. Consultant and and and Brad when you first let's talk about. The decision the police made had several hours of negotiation. Then made this decision they had no other options left they had descend upon them. Correct and I think what you have going on Georgia's he threatened explosives that they believe that he potentially. Haddix policies either on him. Or near his person. And so the last thing. The swat commander is gonna risk is another officer getting hurt. So I suspect that was the call we're gonna send in a robot with an explosive I'm I guarantee you the negotiator. Talked at linked to try to talk him out of there. And that when. Nowhere and main tenants in some some confusing and statements there a bit from the from the police chief. We had that statement from the news from the shooter that he was not a fluid any other groups that he was acting alone. Yet you saw the police chief say that they're not taking taking any option off the table at this point three suspects are still. In custody at times he seemed to suggest that more than one shooter was in play. But I think that is correct and the reason George you don't tell the media what you're doing. Is there are names places locations that they are headed. And they don't want to give that person advance notice. I also think reading between the lines. The chiefs still doesn't know really what he has here yet he has one good shooter he's got three pupil in custody. Are they really part of this or they. Do they know about it. He he just may not have his arms around all of this at this point from what you know about the seem less than perhaps you can answer this is it appeared that kind of damage could have been done. By one shooter yes. When you have an assault weapon with a high capacity magazine. And you are basically you have cover. This cover is he's presumably in a parking garage or at least elevated. And the idea that you're shooting down the officers or could have been civilians you have no idea where the bullets are coming from. Your dodging your running and so you're basically sitting ducks until he gets stopped. So to speak to if your question it could be one shooter. Cable lot more questions to be asked and answered Brad Garrett thanks very much want to go to Pierre Thomas now our senior justice correspondent and peer. Those statements from the shooter who has now been killed upset about black lives matter wants to kill white people especially white officers. That immediately turns this into a federal civil rights investigation now. Yes that will be looked at we are expecting that we may hear from the attorney general later today George one thing that struck me about the situation. You have. This the shooter but telling police that he wanted to kill white officers that he wanted to kill. White people that he was reacting to what we've seen take place. In Minnesota and perhaps Baton Rouge. These situations are very fluid they have these three suspects. They want to know more about them sometimes people that you think are suspect they watch out but clearly they suspected there was not another shooter they need to resolve that. But this is a major piece. Though the case here it was they have a person. That they know did this or part of it and he's given them a mode of the key now is did he have a support. That is what law enforcement is all over right now from our sources saying that. The key now is to run down these leads to make sure there was not anyone else supporting him. Who may not be in costs and you've got federal and investigators on the scene is well on the ATF justice will join us. FBI is going to assist in this investigation again they need to make sure that this is not beyond this group of three. Maybe those three will watch out again very fluid situation sometimes people who think are suspects end up not being but the fact that some of these suspects are being tight lipped. Gives them great. Fox and he gives him pause in the Macon believed Italy's they have a lot more rundown would be suspects okay Pierre Thomas thank you so Jon Karl on our deck chief White House correspondent we've already heard. From the president twice the president said he would come back out as we learn more some key information here right now about the possible motive of this shooter. The president is on a forty trip throughout Europe no word yet on whether that trip could potentially be cut short. We do expect to hear from him again also. You see this reverberating on the political scene. Donald Trump has canceled two campaign appearances that he had scheduled. In Miami and Hillary Clinton has canceled a joint campaign appearance that she had scheduled with Vice President Biden. And George when you think about it. President Obama's very first campaign appearance with with Hillary Clinton was postponed after the Orlando shooting so back to back a. Thanks so much violence in so many different cities all across this kind of shoes so many different motivations. Behind it Jon Karl okay thanks very much we are gonna return now. To a regular programming for some of you that will be Good Morning America grossly have a full report tonight on world news given your will be in Dallas near the latest news anytime innings he news.com. I'm sure Stephanopoulos in New York have a good day. This has been a special.

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{"duration":"23:39","description":"Chief David Brown provides details on alleged motives for the shooting that killed five officers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"40431927","title":"Dallas Police Shed Light on Gunman's Possible Motives","url":"/US/video/dallas-police-shed-light-gunmans-motives-40431927"}